Bacon-Herb Salad

Here is a go-to salad for all of you bacon lovers out there. Quick. Easy. Delish! My kind of dish 🙂


Cook 2 slices of your favorite type of bacon until it is nice and crispy.

Remove the bacon from the pan and crumble. Set to the side.

Pour the drippings from the bacon into a bowl.

Add two tablespoons of sherry vinegar.

Add two teaspoons dijon mustard.salad

One teaspoon of your favorite sweetener.

One teaspoon black pepper.

Half teaspoon kosher salt.

Stir all of the above together with a whisk.

Add 6 ounces of herb salad mix to the bowl.

Toss and coat the salad completely.

Top with the bacon crumbles.


Serves 4:

30 Cals. 1g Fat. 1g Carbs

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  2. Margaret says

    Looks like tonight’s salad! Thanks!

  3. How do you only cook two slices of bacon?! I always cook the whole pound, planning to “save the rest for another recipe.” You can probably guess what happens …

  4. Sandra Dowkes says

    What kind of herb salad mix do you mean? Do you mean a dry envelope of salad dressing mix? Wouldn’t the bacon mixture be enough?

  5. My kind of salad. Thanks for posting, going back on induction soon, so will include this in my rotation. To make it easier for the bacon, have been using Trader Joe’s small box of Pancetta, put it all in a frying pan. Viola! Bacon bits along with grease. Just what I need for a lunch when I get home and am so hungry, thank you!

  6. rose paugh says

    This is very similar to a breakfast I make minus the dijon. Top this with 2 poached or eggs over easy. I try to get vegatables in where ever I can
    – not being a big fan of them. Delish. rose54

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