How to stay healthy on vacation

You’ve worked hard all year long and now it’s time to kick back and take a well deserved vacation!

Whether you’re planning a road trip with your family, a week long trip to the beach, or just spending time away from home visiting friends and family, it’s important to make sure you stay healthy during your vacation.

Here are some tips to make sure you do not come home to an unhappy scale after your time away!



  • While on vacation, is it okay to take a “vacation” from my diet too?   No, you need to make this a complete lifestyle change. It is okay to allow yourself a treat now and then, but it is a no no to just jump head first back in the bad food pool. Easier said than done I know, but stay strong my sisters..and brothers too!
  • How can I eat healthy while on the road? Make smart choices. Do not let yourself get to a point where you are starving, that is when we are more likely to over indulge. Pack healthy snacks and flat out avoid places that do not have healthy foods to offer. Most restaurants do have healthier choices now days, so it is getting easier to eat healthy away from home. 
  • How do I exercise when away from home? Keep it simple. Pack your walking shoes and get out and explore! No matter if you are vacationing in a city or the country, you can always find some where to walk. You can stay indoors and do push-ups, sit-ups, squats, lunges, etc. My favorite is to crank up the music and dance away the pounds!
  • How can you avoid stress while on vacation? Isn’t that funny how sometimes vacations end up being stressful, a time when we are suppose to be relaxing?! When you have kids and/or family that do not allow you to have time to de-stress yourself, find the time even if you have to hide! You can always do what my big brother used to do to me, say we are playing hide and go seek. I got to go hide first, I was so good that when I hid he couldn’t find me for at least an hour. I now realized that was his smart way of getting me to go away, but I had fun thinking I was outsmarting him so it was really a win-win! Run yourself a warm bath, dim the lights, and relax! Wake up early before the vacation agenda gets rolling and do some stretches and yoga. Always find a little time just for you, especially while on vacation!
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  1. Morning,
    We did aa 5400 mile trip in May visiting all western states except for WY and CA. Family was a part of the trip form ID, OR, CA and WA. None do low carb and several are hostile to it. So I made lc pastrys and put them in the freezer of the small MH. I had my usual for breakfast, Atkins bars. Dessert was some low carb treat lunch was cheese, nuts and the like. But dinner was often the problem, especially at Italian restruants. But everyplace usually has some type of salad. I did allow two thing in my diet in small quantities. That was potatoes and (gasp) fried onion rings. When we got home I had only gained a pound for the month. I was very pleased with myself. While I am now at my goal I fear any weight gain that happens. I will never let the weight get out of control again. LC IS my way of life. But at almost 71, some splurges are allowed.
    JoAnn (KJ5–)

  2. Gotta love those vacations where you come home and need another vacation! Ah ha ha!

  3. This is a really timely post for me because I’m going to Thailand next week, and I always struggle to stay healthy whilst on vacation. I’m hoping a combination of the tips you’ve shared and the healthy food in Thailand will help 🙂

    • Your Lighter Side says

      I am glad this can help! Enjoy your vacation 🙂

    • Fiona, where did you travel to in Thailand? I’m going the beginning of November and am a bit stressed about how to eat healthy while I’m there. Any suggestions/tips?

  4. On vacation i used to do exercise as per regular time and make my health dishes by own, one of my favorite dish which i am going to share with you all.
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