July is Ice Cream Month!

We work all winter to shed pounds and whip our bodies into shape for summer, but when the stark heat sets in, we’re often reaching for a fatty frozen indulgence.  In fact, one of the most common causes for weight gain during the summer months is that hot weather calls for a cold goodies.


Try some of Your Lighter Side‘s recipes and LC Foods as a smarter choice when going for chilly treats!


This Paleo Vegan Ice Cream is my FAV!


What is your favorite healthy summer indulgence? Please share!

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  1. I would love to see some discussion about dairy fat vs coconut, olive oil fat. What makes dairy worse…if it is.

  2. I found an ice cream recipe similar to how you make it in chemistry class. I then altered it to make it low carb http://captaincupcakes.weebly.com/2/post/2012/09/treat-yourself-to-a-workout.html

    .S love the site!!

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