Killer cutting board!

I recently tried out this cool cutting board called, Polly-Boo. I have tried many different kinds over the years, but what I really liked about this one is that is two in one! This also comes in different sizes so that comes in handy too. Read up on it and see if it is something you think you’d like to try too! If so, I have a mini Polly-Boo to give away! Leave a comment below if you are interested in being considered for the free board 🙂

Totally Bamboo’s Versatile Two Sided “Poly-Boo” Cutting Boards Designed To Handle Full Range Of Carving And Cutting Needs
Beautiful bamboo on one side for cutting vegetables, lemons and limes and polyurethane on the other for cutting meats, fish and poultry, these all-purpose cutting boards offer a slim and lightweight design that makes them perfect for the barbecue, picnic, beach or the kitchen.
San Marcos, CA (May 6, 2013) – “Ver∙sa∙tile – Able to adapt or be adapted to many different functions or activities.” That is the dictionary definition of the word versatile and also an apt description of Totally Bamboo’s Poly-Boo cutting boards, bamboo on one side and polyurethane on the other. The result is a beautiful cutting board that looks great and performs even better.

“If you could have only one cutting board then you probably would consider the Poly-Boo,” says Joanne Sullivan, co-founder of Totally Bamboo. “Its slim lightweight design and unique two sided construction give it a beauty and versatility that will make it perfect for a wide range of cutting applications.”

Bamboo is one of the fastest growing sustainable natural materials on the planet. This durable lightweight material is a great alternative to the endangered hardwoods usually used for cutting boards. With its attractive dark honey color, it provides the warmth and beauty of an exotic hardwood without any of the guilt.

The reverse side of the Poly-Boo is made from a non-absorbing, stain resistant polyurethane, perfect for cutting meat, fish and poultry.  This solid, durable material does not absorb odors or dull knives.  It easily washes clean with hot soapy water making it safe for all food handling.

The Poly-Boo is available in three different sizes perfect for a wide range of applications. The 15” Poly-Boo Cutting Board (MSRP 17.99) measures 15” x 12” x 1/2” making it the ideal size all your cutting needs in the kitchen or at the barbecue. The 15” Poly-Boo Groove (MSRP 19.99) measures 15 3/4” x 12” x 1/2” has a groove surrounding its perimeter to catch any runaway juices. The Poly-Boo Bar Board (MSRP 9.99) at 9 3/4” x 6 1/4” x 1/2” is the perfect size for small jobs such as cutting garnishes for drinks.

“These boards are small and light enough to make them easy to pack up and take to the beach or on a picnic,” added Tom Sullivan, co-founder of Totally Bamboo. “And yet they provide you with an adequate amount of surface to handle most cutting tasks. Whether it’s at the barbecue, on the beach or in the kitchen I think that you will find these boards to be as versatile as they are beautiful.”

For more information about these or any of Totally Bamboo’s other fine bamboo products please visit the website at

About the Company
Founded in 2000, Totally Bamboo is the first company to manufacture sustainable bamboo kitchen products.  We are proud to say we have continued our tradition of manufacturing only the highest quality, most innovatively designed and unique bamboo products ever offered.

Our mission is to continually strive to find new and creative uses and ecologically renewable ways to manufacture our products that will help to eliminate the clear cutting of the world’s hardwood forests.


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  1. Poly boo would work well in our RV!

  2. theatrenut says

    How tough is that bamboo side?

  3. I love this. I have been planning to replace my old cutting boards.

  4. I love the two sided idea. Pretty too!

  5. Oh, I just figured out the name! Poly boo. How funny on me! Had a duh! Moment.

  6. My mom would love this since she has so many cutting boards and needs more space.

  7. Love love love!! It’s pretty and functional. My husband will be so proud of me. I am notorious for grabbing something pretty and a total headache. Yay!

  8. KathyFuller says

    Oh wow..I’d love to have a good cutting board. This sounds like just the ticket. 🙂

  9. Love that it’s made from bamboo 🙂 go green !! A renewable resource for our beautiful Earth 🙂 love the design and color 😀

  10. Yes, please

  11. Dee Jordan says

    This is really interesting. I have been looking at cutting boards recently.

  12. I would love to try a new cutting board. I like that it’s two-sided.

  13. looks like a great cutting board. By any chance is it dishwasher safe? Thanks for this giveaway!

  14. I don’t really get it. My cutting board stays in the cupboard so I don’t care how it looks AND I’m too lazy to flip it over depending on what I am chopping. My 2 cents.

  15. This looks very useful AND it would look perfect in my recently remodeled kitchen!

  16. Caroline says

    So pretty. Is bamboo something that you have to oil frequently?

  17. Debby Skidmore says

    That looks like a winner for sure. I want to win!!

  18. AdriAnne W says

    I’ve always wanted to try bamboo. I have a plastic mat that I got from My daughters candy sale 0_0

  19. Always om the hunt for a great cutting board!!

  20. Sandy England says

    Hi, I’m going on a full time Senior Mission for my church. Our space is very small. I would love something like this. I’m blind and do all my own chopping and etc. I like big for big projects and small for the small things which for two people we do a lot of. Thanks for the information. I’ve never done this before and not sure if I’m doing it right or not.

  21. These are great cutting boards. I own one from the “colors colllection” and use it daily. Very light weight, but it’s held up well. The non-skid silicone trim around them is also a plus.

  22. Stephanie KL says

    Wow, this would save me from dragging out 2 cutting boards when making chicken to go into a garden salad. Clean only one board! I love it!!

  23. Brenda May says

    I like leaving a cutting board out on the counter all the time. This one would look nice and would keep me from cutting directly on my formica which drives my husband nuts! Getting one goes into the budget category Marriage Improvement. 🙂

  24. Christy H says

    I love the idea of a two sided cutting board. I am so picky about not using the same cutting board that meat is cut on to cut vegetables on but having a tough time getting my husband to use the right one. This board would clear up the confusion. And I already have several bamboo products in my kitchen and to top it all off my kitchen walls are green, so this cutting board would be perfect!

  25. Sounds like someone has finally been listening. What a fantastic idea – could definitely help in my shoe box sized kitchen 🙂

  26. wenchypoo says

    Question: doesn’t polyurethane have BPA in it, and by cutting on it, wouldn’t you be releasing it into your food?

  27. Anne-Marie says

    I really like the look of this board! I also like the fact, that it is made of a sustainable material! Pretty AND eco-friendly!

  28. I’m with Stephanie KL: two, two, two cutting boards in one! It’d be grand to be able to recycle the old stained poly ones and replace them with something lovely and eco-happy!

  29. Sherry Woodbeck says

    Such a great idea! Thank you for bringing it to our collective attentions If I don’t win it, I am going to use by BB&B coupon to get one!! Also found a cutting board from them there in the shape of my home state! YAY!!!

  30. Marion Summers says

    This cutting board looks terrific, and a space saver. Would love to win. Thanks!

  31. What a great idea, two boards in one! It is beautiful too! Would love to have this cutting board.

  32. I would love one of these. My cutting boards are in rough shape!

  33. Mar Webb says

    Hubby was complaining that we didn’t have a cutting board in the camper. Sounds like this would be great!!

  34. Lisa Thomas says

    The board looks great! I’m on the hunt now for new cutting boards, my plastic ones have seen better days.

  35. Just getting back from vacay and catching up. Apologize for the delayed post. This cutting board is very pretty and I think I would like it; however, I wouldn’t want to cut chicken/etc on the one side as I am guessing you can’t put this in the dishwasher? I always wash my “chicken” cutting board w/ hot soapy water but then always feel the need to put it in the dishwasher afterwards as well in case of any stubborn, lurking chicken germs, lol

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