Shrimp & Bacon Kabobs

Shrimp & Bacon Kabobs

I was hungry, as usual, so I decided I should probably cook something. I went to the store the night before and bought a half pound of shrimp and I left it in the fridge planning to cook it the next day. When I saw what I planned for myself to cook, the bacon also caught my eye. Bacon usually wins the battle when deciding between proteins, but both sounded really good to me! I also had some yellow and red sweet grape tomatoes about to go bad, so figured I needed to use those too. That is how a lot of my meals are decided, honestly it is more about my energy level and cravings than well thought out planning.

Broiling is one of my favorite ways to cook because it is fast and a lot healthier than frying. I know in summer everyone is out grilling, but if you live in a hot part of the country it can be unbearable to go out in the 100+ degree heat and stand over an even hotter grill. So broiling is actually my summer pick, and grilling out is more of a fall & spring favorite for me

Here is what I whipped up in under 20 min..ready..steady..GO!

photo (28)1/2 lb Shrimp (cleaned and tails removed)

10 Slices of Bacon (use your favorite type)

20 Grape tomatoes (yellow & red)

1/2 Cup lemon/lime juice (pour in a medium bowl)

Ground Black Pepper (about 5 twist of the wrist)

1 tbp Garlic salt


Add the cleaned shrimp to the lemon/lime juice. Sprinkle the garlic salt over the shrimp and grind pepper over them as well. Mix together coating all of the shrimp. Cover and put in the fridge and hour before you are ready to get skewering.

tick tock tick tock.. DING! An hour later….

shrimp3Turn the broiler on.

Slice the grape tomatoes in half.

Get the bacon out and set to the side.

Grab 5 skewers.

Remove marinated shrimp from the bowl.

Fold the bacon at least 3-4 times and put on skewer. Add tomatoes and shrimp in a pattern. I like to have shrimp on both sides of the bacon with the tomatoes only touching the shrimp.

Cover cookie sheet with foil.

Place skewers on the sheet and drizzle with balsamic.

Put under broiler for 12-15 min, turning them over at the 7 min mark.

shrimp1Remove the skewers once the bacon looks crispy.

Let cool then CHOW TIME!

One skewer per serving.

165 Calories. 5 Carbs. 15g Protein.

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  1. Hi! Did 15 minutes under the broiler overcook the shrimp? Normally I would not put shrimp & bacon on the same skewer because I like my bacon REALLY well done. How did the bacon come out after 15 min?

    • Your Lighter Side says

      My bacon was crisp, but not as crisp as some restaurants serve it. You can always remove the bacon and keep them in a couple of minutes longer if you like your super charred.

  2. Nasreen Kabir says

    will try it without bacon

  3. Shrimp and bacon! What a great combination! This looks great.

  4. Can you do this in the oven?

  5. Renee Meissner says

    hmm I would have to pass on marinating shrimp in lemon juice. Lemon juice “cooks” meats, and with seafood (Ceviche) it only takes 30 -60 min to fully cook fish.

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