Summer Dress Trends

Summer Dress Trends

Nothing says summer like a gorgeous new warm-weather dress. Check out these trends and tips to find the dress you’ll love all season:


The Maxi Dress

The maxi dress is a summer staple, and for good reason. With its long, flowing lines, it makes everyone look taller, sleeker, and more graceful. The maxi can be dressed up or down, and it’s available in an endless array of colors and prints. Choose a high-quality cotton version for maximum breeziness and breathability.


Retro-Inspired Prints

When your closet needs a dash of fun, treat yourself to a dress in a colorful retro print. If your style tends traditional, choose navy or pink botanicals. For something a little edgier, try a chevron or graphic print in red, yellow, or teal. Keep accessories simple to allow the print to shine.


The Little White Dress

Stock your closet with a classic, great-fitting white dress and you’ll always have a go-to summer outfit. Take it to the office with a sheer cardigan, statement necklace, and heels, or pair it with a woven belt and a bright tote bag for a casual day out.


 Hot Colors

While we still love the peach and mint that was everywhere this spring, colors are intensifying as the weather heats up. Peach graduates to a deep, sexy coral, while baby-soft mint becomes a rich, cooling jade. Bold lemon pairs beautifully with all your summer colors, and navy adds sophistication to dresses and accessories.


Choosing a Fit that Flatters

The right dress shape accentuates the features you love and minimizes those you don’t. Wrap dresses are a fantastic choice for girls with curves, while a fitted shift dress can help define a waistline for ladies with straighter frames. To downplay hips, look for structured A-line dresses with no extra ruffles or gathers.


I love loose fitting comfy dresses with flip flops in the summer. Tell us about your summer style in the comments!

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  1. I never find dresses I like anymore but do love wearing knee length skirts. If it is hot outside, skirts are much cooler than shorts or capri’s.

  2. Maxi dress!

  3. I love just past knee length a-line skirts and wear a lot of them in summer. I didn’t wear skirts at all until I read about using BodyGlide to prevent chafing. Shorts under a skirt are OK in spring, fall, and winter, but in summer I want to feel as cool as possible.

  4. I just made my first successful summer dress this year! I like the maxi types that are flowey cotton. I think though, that larger prints are better than smaller ones. I had a larger print dress that I’ve almost worn out. The new one is pretty enough but the print is smaller and it just isn’t the same. So….oh DARN I will HAVE to make another one! 😀 (and yes, I am being sarcastic…I won’t mind another one at all!)

  5. I have not worn a dress in 25 years. Don’t really like them. If it is really hot I will wear a divided skirt (cross between a skirt and shorts). I have not so great legs and also my thighs (even when my weight is down) have always rubbed together (I know TMI) and it is very uncomfortable.

  6. Laura, I discovered Jockey skimmers and love them. Think Spanx without the girdle or boy shorts with a longer leg. Wore them when our temps were high 90s and barely noticed them.

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