Tips to be fit, healthy, and confident!


Here are a few tips that can help you achieve your goal to becoming more fit, healthy, and confident!


1.       Keep a journal – All too often, we’re so busy during the day that we eat on-the-go or continuously snack on whatever we can find, which can provide unwanted calories in the body. By tracking the foods you consume throughout the day in a journal, you can see the good foods you’re putting into your body – as well as the bad – and understand what areas of your diet to adjust to clean up your eating.  It’s been scientifically proven that just keeping a journal has an effective impact on weight loss.

2.       Stay hydrated – It’s always important to hydrate your body each day, but when incorporating fitness into your weight loss routine, it’s especially important to keep you energized, healthy and able to finish that workout! I love drinking an iced coffee with no cream or sugar about 30 minute before my workout. 

3.       Make Dieting a Social Experience – Dieting alone can sometimes lead to occasional slip ups, so making it a social experience will help control accountability. It’s great to get social while you diet and work with others to achieve weight loss, whether that be a friend, coach or support group. They’ll remind you of your goals and help you stay on target.

4.       Educate yourself!  – There are countless diets, cleanses and exercises out there boasting immense weight loss, but are they really healthy for you? Doing some research and understanding basics of nutrition and food labels will lead to a healthy, successful weight loss. Learning a little can go a LONG way and teach you how to eat healthy long-term!

5.       Invest in a home workout tool – Sometimes there’s just not enough hours in a day to get to the gym or take your workout outside, so investing in a home workout tool will allow you to work out any time and still keep that oh-so-busy schedule during the day. I always use my stationary bike,  it’s a simple but effective exercise that boosts metabolism and burns fat after only 10-15 minutes of exercise per day. It’s also portable so you can use it and store it anywhere – at home, on vacation or while you’re with the family.

What tips can you share that have worked for you?


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  1. That was really awesome tips to be healthy and confident. I’m of exactly the same opinion. Thanks for sharing such information.

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