Easy frozen yogurt flashback..

I was just reminded that this is a holiday weekend for us Americans. If you are like me, holiday’s are not a “holiday”, meaning I have to work extra hard to entertain and feed people. I do get enjoyment after the fact when I am in a comatose state chilling on the hammock after the hard work is done, but before that reward there is work to be done. It is still crazy hot here, so I am thinking nice cold desserts! Here is a yummy and fun cheesecake frozen yogurt you can try out if you have not yet. It will be loved by all, the young and the old. Your biggest critics cannot complain that you took a short cut in meal prep. Trust me on this one, (make extras..and hide them)


strawberry cheesecake frozen yogurtgood2



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  1. A little late summer treat yum yum, definitely need to get this going on before summer ends 🙂

  2. Will you be doing another weightloss challenge?

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