Fear.. go away!

Not all fear is bad. It is a good thing when a child that cannot swim,  fears getting into a pool without an adult. In life we need to task risk, reasonable ones at least. Some people’s fear can alter their lives in a not so good way though. How can you improve in what you do or how you live if you are not willing to take a little risk.

A lot of people do the same thing day after day- eat the same things, watch the same shows, and talk to only the people they already know. Seriously, how can there be improvement in your life if you are too afraid to make fear1changes? Things will not always be easy and it is normal to have some fear of the unknown when taking a step in a new direction. You just can’t lose sight of why you decided to start this journey to begin with. This can be asking for the promotion you feel you deserve at work. Maybe you are really watching what you eat  and now you want to join a gym to tone up, but you are afraid to go in and actually sign up.

We are our own biggest critics.  I am very hard on myself. I look into the mirror and completely pick myself apart from head to toe. I have to remind myself out loud that I am a beauty and let go of those negative thoughts about my body image. Regardless of your shape or size, everyone struggles with body image issues at times. Whatever your inner demons or fears are, muster up the courage and take that step to go after what you want! Kick fear to the curb and open your arms to the new braver you 🙂

What are some of your fears? What are some goals you have that might be holding off on due to fear? Please share!

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  1. Me and my partner have just started trying for a baby. I desperately want one but am terrified! I’m a brave person; I travelled the world alone, I moved to London from my home town, I have even done a bungee jump and a skydive but this just seems huge! BUT I am also so excited at the prospect of being a mum, everything that is worth doing is scary…

    • Your Lighter Side says

      You are definitely a brave person! Nothing can truly prepare you for parenthood, but I’m sure with you life experiences and automatic love for the baby you will do great!

  2. Doubt with me creates fear…I have to allow myself to move forward and erase the doubt. I want to use my fear to motivate me to believe I am worthy enough to lose weight.

    • Your Lighter Side says

      Keep those positive thoughts going Kris! You are a very worthy person of not only losing weight, but of many many things in life 🙂

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