Keeping kids healthy going back to school!

It’s amazing and a little bittersweet to think that in a few weeks the kids will be off to school again or for the first time! With that in mind, what’s the best way to keep kids healthy given the pool of germs they’re going to plunge into when they’re back with their classmates?

For one thing, vitamins are good. L’il Critters offers cute, gummy bear shaped vitamins that kids love. The younger kids think they’re candy and the older kids don’t mind that they’re not candy. These vitamins contain the fullvitamins RDA for all vitamins and essential nutrients. Kids who take a vitamin supplement that contains everything they need are shown to test higher in reasoning ability and memory skills, even if they’re otherwise considered well-fed.


Like vitamins and good nutrition, sleep is also important for a child’s physical health and mental alertness. It’s important, because a surprising number of schoolchildren don’t get enough sleep and when they become teenagers their sleep patterns become truly wonky. Generally, a schoolchild should get between 10 and 11 hours of sleep. Don’t laugh. That’s what the National Sleep Foundation says! But some kids can get by very well on eight hours of sleep. Kids who don’t get enough sleep, whatever that means for their own biology, can’t hold on to the information they’re taught in school. A good night’s sleep also boosts a child’s immune system, like good nutrition.


It used to be that exercise for kids wasn’t an issue. They’d come home after school, dump their books, do their homework and run outside to play till it was time for dinner. Do I date myself? Anyway, nowadays parents are outdoorswary about letting their kids run wild in the streets or even in the playground and there’s that electronic stuff that keeps a child in the house and sedentary. The National Institutes for Health recommend that a child get at least an hour of vigorous exercise every day. That can include everything from soccer practice to swimming to just generally running around. Exercise also makes kids healthier because it builds their muscles and bones and helps them maintain a weight that’s healthy for them.

 General Healthy Habits

Besides exercise, a L’il Critters vitamin every day and good sleep, kids also need to do some simple things to stay healthy, especially as the weather cools and cold and flu season start up. They should wash their hands pretty regularly and avoid touching their eyes and their nose, dress warmly when it’s cold and steer clear of anyone who looks like they’re coming down with something. Oh yes, they shouldn’t swap hats with anyone. Lice, you know.

So with the tips given above, all should be well with your kids!




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  1. Dump books, Run outside….homework?

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