The best stuff for us!

Discover why these ingredients are so good for us!

Beets* These cannot be beat for overall detox! They’re high in betaine, which is an essential compound for liver health, and their rich antioxidant content boost energy. Eat them raw or even in a powder form to maintain the highest level of nutrients.

Green* They are essential for maintaining the body’s acid/alkaline balance and promoting clear glowing skin. Adding more greens to your diet, especially concentrated powders, also enhances detox which encourages weight loss.

Cherries* These are one of the best sources of anthocynanins, powerful antioxidants that slows aging and gives great skin too! Cherries are also high in potassium which helps regulate water balance in the body and diminishes bloating.

Omega-3 Fats* Are essential for reducing belly fat, especially when paired with exercise. There are studies showing the people who took omega-3 supplements and engaged in a regular exercise program reduced body fat sardineand improved cardiovascular health.

Yogurt* This helps reduce body fat, particularly belly fat and boost lean muscle mass. The more lean muscle mass, the higher your metabolic rate! Studies have shown that people who ate three servings of fat-free yogurt lost 20 percent more weight and approximately 60 percent more body fat than those who only cut calories.

Chia seeds* These were used by the Aztecs to boost energy and it has been famed to Tarahumara Indian marathon runners. Chia seeds are loaded with protein, 50 percent more fiber, and twice as much omega-3 fats as flax seeds.

There are a few of the best things we can put in our body. What other foods/supplements do you feel are great for us and why? Please share below!

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  1. Love yogurt BUT carb count is high….multiply that x 3 servings….YIKES….

  2. Kerry… are you looking at regular yogurt, or flavored yogurt? I just checked my Fage greek yogurt and it’s 9 grams per serving, versus the Yoplait vanilla fat-free yogurt (hubby’s in fridge) that is 29 grams per serving. Check to make sure yours isn’t sweetened!!

  3. Pam Jacobs says

    The carb are the naturally occuring milk sugars which are bascially eaten by the live cultures in your yogurt. Just don’t eat the yogurt that has the high sugar from the fruit preserves …get plain vanilla or just plain and sweeten & fruit it yourself!

  4. Wenchypoo says

    May I recommend coconut water for maintaining electrolyte balance?

  5. I would like to see more on utilizing Chia seeds in my Low Carb meals, I checked and apparently it is low in Vitamin K something I also have to control.

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