Ways to make your kids smarter!

It is time for school again! We all hope our kid is the smartest kid in the class, right? Genetics do play a pretty big role in how your kids will turn out. That goes for not only their physical inheritance, but their brains as well. There is the argument, nurture verses nature, but that is a topic for another day 😉  However, there are things you can do to help them out in this department!


*Studies show that nursing your baby will make them healthier and smarter too. The momma has many benefits from this as well.5678787-happy-children-in-front-of-the-school-outdoor-summer-to-fall

*If they are over one year old, give them nut butters which are packed with healthy omega 3’s.  This can be spread on fruit or eaten right off the spoon.

*Add flax-seeds into baked goods as much as possible. They have healthy fats, fiber, and protein.

*Give them greek yogurt for a snack instead of greasy chips. Super healthy and delish!

*Serve fish such as salmon as much as possible. There are many different ways to make it so it won’t get old.

*Most importantly, practice what you preach! You are your child’s role model, that means they will do as you do. Even when you are not aware, they are watching you..kind of creepy I know. You are the biggest rock star to them and they look up to you! That means if you eat healthy and exercise, you will be molding a kiddo to live a healthy life just like you!

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  1. These are some great tips. Thanks! I was thinking last night that we are coming up on the up on your one-year anniversary of your Mid-Year Resolution. Those posts were incredibly helpful last year. I didn’t lose much because I was nursing, and could never get low-carb to work with that, and then I moved across the country, and so started this week. I’m going to go through your posts a day at a time like you were writing them this year, but I already know the outcome 🙂 They are so inspiring. If I can ask, how is your weight-loss coming? Were you able to maintain? Lose a little more? Oh, and thanks for all your recipes. We couldn’t live without them–especially the Fat Bombs!

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