Say a big hello to… Bos Creek!

Welcome our new partner, The Bos Life! As you know, I am all about cooking with grass fed beef and buying direct from the farmers. I am very excited to partner up with someone that lives by these rules as well as producing high quality meats delivered to your doorstep every month! Below they explain a little more about Bos Creek. Also, check out their site,


The goal of Bos Creek is to provide our community with real food. Real food, to us, means natural and consumed as close as possible to the way Mother Nature intended. As a society, we have become so distracted with thoughts

bos1of our futures and professional obligations that eating healthy food no longer fits into our schedules and has lost priority. Had we lived in a different time, in a society less dependent on present day innovations, our relationship with food would be more intimate. We hope to restore some of the intimate relationship we once had with our food. We understand the obstacles our friends are faced with to make that relationship work, and we built this community to eliminate some of those obstacles.









Bos Creek is a monthly subscription service that offers complete freedom to create a box of freshly harvested artisan meat, . Our products have been taste tested by our resident chef Erik Sun, part owner of Bestia in Los Angeles, as well as other well-known chefs in Los Angeles. Not only are our members getting clean and healthy products, its taste is second to none.bos3









We are working hard to build a community of individuals that believe in our mission. We hope to make a positive impact through the Bos Creek community, and it pleases us that we can positively influence the health of our friends and friends-to-be. We wish you all the best in your personal pursuits and look forward to becoming a supporting hand.


The first 50 reader’s that email them will be in for some mega savings!! Hurry hurry 🙂bos4

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  1. We just email them for the special?

  2. I went to their site and started playing around with the ordering but it’s hard to tell how much anything costs. Can you give me an idea of what a pound of ground beef would cost? I usually use that as my guide when looking at pastured meat. Thanks!

    • Your Lighter Side says

      You’d need to email them for that. I know they are giving our readers a discount, so be sure to let them know you are one of us!

  3. Awesome, the bos creek mission sounds promising – I like the idea of it 🙂

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