I wish I could eat these everyday!

I think Mother’s Day should be celebrated more than once a year. I am not after gifts, as if I’d gotten them, I am talking about a day when I am not the one to cater to everyone else. I am a little cautious when it comes to eating ‘their’ cooking, but there are ways to prepare them for this.

Being a mom is all about planning, right? So why not practice making a delish recipe with them, so when the day comes you are permitted to sleep in and have breakfast made for you, they have experience making this for you! My daughter loves to cook so that is good, but she is also 6. Parental guidance will be needed for her to make my breakfast. Unless, you set up hidden cameras in the kitchen and just let her go at it! You will have an inedible breakfast with a huge mess to clean up, but it is so funny and cute to see this little mastermind with freedom to create in the kitchen. But.. that will not happen.. so here is the plan!

Make these delish stuffed french toast this weekend, with your family assisting. Make a fool proof picture guidebook for this recipe. Let them know that they will need to make this for you, so pay attention! 😉

If you have not tried these yet, I highly recommend it! You can hope to have these made for you, or just make them yourself. What ever the route is to get it in your mouth, do it!


Enjoy~again 🙂

https://yourlighterside.com/2011/05/recipe-low-carb-stuffed-french-toast/stuffed french toast

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  1. Yeah, i try that, thanks.

  2. I love french toast, and these look delicious. Damn, I really feel like some now 🙂

  3. How do I access this recipe?

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