LC Foods’ Delish Chocolate cake

Who doesn’t love chocolate cake?! Our partner’s at LC Foods’ makes it easier to have this deliciousness, right at your door! choc2choc1

One of the things I enjoy about their goodies, is that I only have to do the final steps. They have already done the leg work getting it all good to go.

This cake mix is perfect for letting the kids help you make it. My daughter loves to stir..stir..and stir some more. We fight over who gets to lick the spoon!

Check it out!

LC Foods’ LC-Chocolate Cake is diabetic friendly, low carb, sugar free, artificial sweetener free, high fiber and high protein.



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  1. is it any good?

  2. No thank you! Loaded with wheat. Have you not read Wheat Belly?
    I would not go near this concoction.


  4. It sounds really good but with shipping it would cost $13.83 for a one layer cake. Kind of pricey for me.

  5. Does it induce diarrhea?

  6. sorry, has wheat!

  7. Easy enough to make your own LC treats. I really love your recipes, but wish the desserts didn’t have so many weird additives and processed ingredient

  8. Glad I checked the ingredients before I pinned this. No wheat for me either after reading Wheat Belly. I use lots of coconut flour and almond flour instead. And make Oopsie rolls.

  9. Yay a cake mix that doesn’t have partially hydrogenated oils, really bad for the heart, and won’t raise my blood sugar to boot.

  10. I’ve tried this and I don’t think that the cake is actually that nice. The frosting however is absolutely delicious. I’m planning on buying just the frosting and using it on better tasting cakes.

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