Packing better lunches for the offspring

Try to forget about  PB&J for your kids lunch. I am sure they are as tired eating as you are making it. You can have them help make wraps for their lunches with frozen grapes for dessert! I have found out through trial and error, it is not so much what is in the lunch, it matters a lot more if they get say in what goes in it. Have them help you prepare their own lunch. By teaching them how to make these healthy lunches, they will not only love the food, they will take pride in knowing they helped make it too! When you are grocery shopping, bring them with you and teach them about healthy choices and let them help decide what they think would be good to buy for their lunch. Let them be creative, even if it is combo of foods that you would not want to eat. By letting them do this you are showing value in their opinion and they will learn quickly if they like the choice they made or not when it comes to making their lunch the next day. Let them live and learn while you are there to supervise 😉

Here are some things to keep in mind when packing their lunch:

* Main Course- Most of us think sandwich right? Think outside of the sandwich stigma for lunch and get creative! Carrot sticks and green edamame dip anyone?kids-eating-lunch

*Garden Goods- It should be mandatory to add fresh fruits and veggies into every kids lunchbox. As I mentioned above, freezing grapes is a healthy and easy dessert for kids to enjoy.

*Crunchy- We all like chomping on something crunchy, why would the kiddos be any different? Baked potato chips, air-popped popcorn, lightly salted nuts.. so many yummy crunchy things to pick!

*Hydration- Water is always best. It does not go bad if they leave it in their bag all day and if it spills, no big deal. If you child needs the extra calories, a fruit smoothie or drinkable yogurt are good too.

*Treat- This is optional and it is a case by base choice if you think your kid needs it. I do not always give dessert, so when I do it is a special treat. Yogurt covered raisins are my kids favorite lunch surprise!


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  1. I don’t have kids at home anymore, but pack lunches nightly for my hubby and I. Neither of us eat sandwiches, and can get kind of tired of salad day after day. He especially likes a lunch of cheese & meat, with nut or rice crackers, a nice mustard, with mixed pickles and maybe sliced radishes or cherry tomatoes. I leave out the crackers and add in sliced or whole baby cucumbers from our garden, along with seasoned Crema Mexicana. Yum!

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