LC Foods Is On The Road to 100% Artificial Sweetener-Free Products!

LC Foods Is On The Road to 100% Artificial Sweetener-Free Products
LC Foods continues its revolutionary strides to make every item in its food product lineup completely artificial sweetener-free, with the reformulation of nearly 20 new products.

LC-Chocolate Cake and LC-Chocolate Chip Cookie Base are among the newest additions to LC Foods’ growing line of artificial sweetener-free products. Still low carb, diabetic friendly, high protein, high fiber and delicious, these two popular items from our healthy foods lineup are sure to satisfy your chocolate cravings.

LC Foods is pleased to announce that nearly twenty additional items from our food products menu have been converted to 100% natural and completely artificial sweetener-free over the past few months. Our goal is to make our entire selection of items 100% artificial sweetener-free by the end of 2013. We are well on our way to accomplishing this.

Over the years, numerous studies have reported findings about the potential dangers of artificial sweeteners. As part of our mission to serve the diabetic-friendly, low carb and gluten-free communities, we see 100% artificial sweetener-free as an important step, particularly when delicious alternative ingredients are available..

Other LC Foods artificial sweetener free products include: LC-Butter Cookies, LC-Banana Bread, LC-Cranberry Muffins, LC-Cinnamon Buns, LC-Gingerbread Cookies, LC-Granola & Cookie Bites, LC- Hot Cocoa, LC-Muffin Mix, LC-Pumpkin Bread, LC-Raspberry Muffins, LC-Vanilla Frosting, LC-Vanilla Ice Cream, and LC-Yellow Cake.

According to LC Foods Founder and Owner Glen Frederich, “We are very pleased to announce the release of these popular reformulated products. This represents our latest step in the process of making every LC-Product artificial sweetener-free. Now top-selling products such as our chocolate cake mix, chocolate chip cookie base, butter cookies, banana bread, muffin mixes and vanilla ice cream are made exclusively with natural ingredients.”

Be sure to watch our website, Facebook and internet posts for more updates coming soon!

And … now that we’ve been tempting you with chocolate chip cookies and chocolate cake, as an added way of thanking Your Lighter Side readers for your friendship and support over the years, we’d like to offer you some FREE COCOA with your next $10 purchase at

To get your free bag of LC-Dutch Cocoa, just put the cocoa in your shopping cart with your $10 or greater purchase and type the word COCOA into the coupon code. The amount of the cocoa will be deducted at check out.

Enjoy! (Offer expires October 31, 2013. Limit one order per customer.)

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  1. That’s really neat! Thanks for the update. I actually took a serious look at the site for the first time, and even though I use a lot of sweeteners myself, I admire their desire to make their products as usable to the most number of people. I’m also pleased to see lo han guo on their ingredient list as that ingredient has NOT been given the attention it deserves as a natural sweetener even though it is hundreds of years old and GRAS. I think I’ll pick up a sampler pack for myself and my family and friends to try out some of their products. Especially interested in the Low Carb Pasta Flour, now that my Italian friend has forced me to use my pasta machine more often. If that is a good tasting flour, then I can make things like homemade ravioli, farfelle, lasagna noodles, and tortolinni. The fun is not in the eating but in the making.

  2. Debra Schramm says

    Just entered the code and got this message: Error: Coupon is either invalid, expired, reached its usage limit, or is not available for use in your area!

  3. I got the same error message

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