Vegetarian goodness!

Hey.. guess what? It is national vegetarian awareness month! I am aware that vegetarian people do exist, duh I am not quite that naive. I support people who follow a life supporting what they believe in, no matter if it is for personal, Parmesan-Salad-e1332220175949religious, or health reason.. I can face it.. some people do not eat meat! I am totally cool with it, less people coming after my elk steak grrrrr.. Just kidding! 😉

There are many delish meat free dishes! I eat meat free a couple days a week actually. There are many wonderful foods to be had that do not include mammal meat!veg

Here is a perfect example:

Try out this recipe, you can have pasta and be meat free for vegetarian awareness month! Let me know what you think 🙂


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  1. Vegetarians eat chicken, fish, and eggs–I think you mean vegans, who don’t eat any animal products at all. I’m with you on the elk steaks!

    • A true vegetarian wouldn’t eat any meat, chicken or otherwise, although they might consume eggs, milk, cheese, etc… That’s what differentiates them from vegans.

    • Vegetarians don’t eat meat, which means they do not eat chicken, fish, pork, beef, etc.. They do eat eggs though.

    • I’m a vegetarian and I definitely don’t eat meat i.e. chicen, pork or fish. I also don’t eat many eggs but I don’t consider myself vegan.

  2. Vegetarian made simple…we don’t eat / wear anything with a face. Dairy is ok, as are eggs (must be free range) but chicken / fish Etc are off the menu. I guess this misconception explains why so many recipes tagged here as vegetarian have chicken stock in the ingredients. Also watch out for E numbers and some products with vitamin d which can be derived from non veggie sources. Vegan is entirely different – nothing from any animal source.

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