Be a HEALTHY commuter

People who bike or walk to work can really rub off on their co-workers, in the right way! Most Americans do not meet the minimum guideline of what the feds consider “exercising”, active commuting is is a great strategy to get people moving!

Having co-workers and/or a spouse that is an active commuter can have a positive effect on not only you, but the world too. If your employer supports active commuting, even better! I know some cities have “ride to work” days,bike-commuter and most inner city employers will comply and make arrangements for people to store their bike indoors. They benefit from a healthier staff and work environment, and maybe even lower employee health insurance if the body mass index lowers drastically among the staff.

There are some deterrents though. In some places there are a lack of on-street bike lanes, or off-street bike paths. That can be tricky. After all, safety always comes first! Difficult terrain, nasty weather, and major traffic can be valid excuses not to actively commute to work.

If you can not make it safely to work by actively commuting even one day a week, maybe ride your bike to the farmer’s market on the weekend instead of drive! If you plan to go some where that is less than 5 miles away, why not pedal away?

Do you actively commute to work? Does your city host a “bike to work day”? 

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  1. You need to pay attention to commuting safely if you are going to live to be a healthy commuter. Pay attention to traffic rather than the cell phone, and secure the briefcase so that it doesn’t unbalance the bike.

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