Breast Cancer Awareness!

Breast-Cancer-AwarenessOctober is Breast Cancer Awareness month. You know I like to joke and make ‘light’ of everything, but this is a serious subject for everyone! It is very important for us all to be screened and also so self exams regularly feeling for lumps. I know mammograms can be costly but luckily there are programs that raise money so that women that cannot afford one can get a mammogram. I love that there are so many programs supporting Pink, the color designated for October as Breast Cancer Awareness Month. My mom is doing a 5k  charity walk/jog this weekend and has bought all kind of cute pink gear to wear. She has been fundraising for this event as well. There are many ways to get involved and help!

I have two women in my family that have been treated for breast cancer. One had the lump removed and a quick dose of radiation, she caught this very early on. She described her ‘lump’ as a small little pebble she felt when giving herself an exam. Early detection is key! The other woman in my family had to get a double mastectomy. She had the need to get one breast removed due to the size of the cancer in that breast, but she had to fight with the insurance company to get both breast removed. She wanted to take no risk in getting cancer in the other breast, and probably thought it would look better to have them both gone too. I am sure that many of you know of someone or maybe even yourself has had to fight against breast cancer.

I am very humbled watching these strong survivors and supporters fight to help make sure that everyone can get the screenings and medical care they need. If you have a story you would like to share about breast cancer, please feel free to do so. pink-bg_01 We are all here to support each other and raise awareness! 

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  1. Hi, please check out my website at to read about my own story and what I’ve done to turn my experience into something positive to help other people with breast cancer. There’s a lot to read there; please visit soon and know that you can beat this thing especially if you get to a doctor at the earliest opportunity- love Chrissie x

  2. Just a not as a breast cancer survivor. Please do not use your bra to store your phones or iPods. My cancer was 3mm away from my favorite resting spot for my iPod. I love to listen to audible books while sewing and gardening. Who new? But now it is how stupid could I have been?


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