Family Dinner

We are all busy. Even our kids have a hectic schedule with schools, sports, social activities etc.. The world just is not the same as it was 10, 20, 30 years ago! People are plugged into their electronics a lot more than their family time. There are many benefits if your family can make it a habit to at least once or twice a week squeeze in a family dinner followed by quality family time talk, laughing, just catching up on what everyone has going on. Doing this can actually make healthier kids. They will be less likely to be overweight, less emotional problems, and will get better grades in school!

Almost half of the American food budget is spent on eating out, and that means a lot more poor food choices and bad health. Kids that eat more frequently at home eat more fruits and veggies, and more nutritious foods all family-timearound.

It is very important for teens to eat with their family. They will have a higher self esteem and less likely to have issues with eating disorders. The more at home family meals, the better, but at minimum try to plan on two times a week.

The more family dinners the less behavioral and emotional issues. Our kids really do value from these special times together. It is time that we cannot get back and you will benefit greatly from this too. Like I mentioned about, the kids are less likely to become overweight be eating at home, and that also means that the adults can eat healthier foods and not totally blow our diet either! With the extra money you save from not eating out, you can buy family board games, outdoor games, or what ever your family interest might be that will include special family time together!

How often do you have family meals? What are some of the family activities you enjoy doing with your family?

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  1. I am really trying to stop eating out. Right now it is VERY easy for me not to (hcg protocol and I don’t trust anyone to cook my food without fat). I am learning to use new recipes (my hubby has been RAVING about the Italian Beef Drip I made this week – he’s a truck driver and only home during the weekends). I refuse to eat fast food when I am a MUCH better cook. The only thing I can foresee as being a problem is my addiction to a certain Chinese dish (but I can probably learn to make the curry and rice noodle dish I love). Planning out my menu ahead of time always helps. Plan your work and work your plan! 🙂

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