My weekend wish

When I get really tired towards the end of a hard week, I find myself day dreaming about two things.. food and sleep! Yea, maybe my fantasy world is not as colorful as yours, but honestly that is really what I look forward to. So sitting here and looking at the “possible opportunity to sleep schedule,” Sunday is looking promising! A great thing about sleep is, those are hours that I can not be tempted to eat, and also my body gets to rest and stuff too.. but sleeping is the best win/win diet for me! After I get a full 7-8 hours of sleep (fingers crossed) I do not want to wake up and just blow my eight-hour diet I have been on, so plan it out and look forward to what I will eat when I wake up.

So here is the TBT~ Throwback Thursday (I just learned ‘TBT”!!) recipe.. and my fantasy wake up meal for Sunday 🙂



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