Tasty High Protein Snacks!

Tasty High Protein Snacks: Grass-fed beef jerky, salmon candy, and smoked pork loin hand made in Montana and Alaska. What is not to love! I am a constant snacker, so it is very handy for my to get prepackage high protein goodness delivered to my door step!ranch

I get my goods from Bos Creek, their preserved meats are 100% handmade and incredibly delicious. They use all natural ingredients without any nitrates/nitrities or MSG.

They are running this Kickstarter campaign to bring the tastiest and healthiest, preservative-free grass-fed beef jerky, salmon candy, and smoked pork loin to a larger audience. All of their animals are pasture-raised on very high quality food sources (no soy, no corn, no GMOs) that results in the best tasting preserved meatsranch1

At the Bos Creek, they’re just a couple of guys who really get excited about great food and great meat. Bacon, steaks, sushi, ranch2roast chicken, it doesn’t matter what they eat, as long as they have fresh ingredients, the meat comes from animals raised the right way, and the dishes are cooked to perfection. My kind of people!!! They’ve spent the past year focused on bringing everyone the best quality pork, chicken, and beef at theboslife.com, but they understand that the best time to eat a steak might not be 10:30 in the morning. Now, they have a solution to that problem. They’re using this Kickstarter campaign to bring our salmon candy, smoked pork loin, and wet-aged beef jerky nationwide.

They made this amazing video you have to check out. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1441815685/grass-fed-beef-jerky-pastured-pork-loin-and-salmon  More info is there and you can put some names with faces. You can see the beautiful ranch and learn more of what they are about. I am a picky person about not only my food, but the people and companies I will endorse. When I got my package of goodies in the mail and tried it out, let me tell you.. this is the company that I like to keep!

Check out the site, www.theboslife.com and use this code when enrolling. See, because we are special, y’all get a discounted rate to sign up for your first month of high protein grass fed delish goodness! ranch3

The coupon code for a $100 membership fee in the first month is “yourlighterside”  This is good for 30 yourlightersiders.. so don’t be number 31!
This is what I got in my first monthly delivery:
Pork chops
chuck roast
NY Strip
Short Rib
and smoked salmon candy.. can you say YUMMM!


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  1. I would love to buy from them but I’m not comfortable with subscribing. If I was feeding a family I might do it but with a 1 person, 2 pets household it really isn’t within my budget. I sincerely hope they succeed. There is nothing better than grass-fed and/or pastured goodies!

  2. How much does this run for what you got? Is the $100 membership fee just a fee?

    • Your Lighter Side says

      I listed all of the goods I got for this month, and the picture at the bottom of the post shows it as well. The $100 covers the cost of the monthly delivery of goods! If you were to buy these organic grass-fed meats at the store, it would run you a lot more than that!

    • Hi Renae,

      I apologize that we aren’t as clear as we could be on our site. The $100 promotion is for your first month’s membership fee. The normal monthly membership fee is $135 and this amount goes toward creating your box. This includes all shipping and handling. There are no hidden charges.

  3. Thank you for posting this. My husband and I have been in the market for something that makes sense for us. This fit the bill. Wow, and they have great customer service too. My first order has been placed. Can’t wait to get it, love it and share this option with others.

  4. I can’t seem to find where to order of find the prices or the list of things to order. Help please!

  5. Hi Susan,

    Thank you for your best wishes. We have received similar feedback and are working towards adding an option that is better suited for individuals.

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