Volume is as important as frequency

For a lot of us, we do not have the time (or energy) during the weekdays to workout. There is this phrase, “weekend warrior” that gets thrown around. I guess that means that you hit it hard on the weekends, rather than here and there during the weekdays.. exercising that is!

Well guess what?! Weekend warriors are just as healthy as a person that spreads there 3 hours of exercise over the entire week. As long as you get a total of 3 hours a week of exercise, you are not any more likely to get heart disease or diabetes, no matter if it is 25 minutes every day, or 3 hours packed in on the weekend.

So just keep this in mind. If you do not have the time or energy to feel the burn daily, you can make up for it on days that you are feeling motivated! Keep a tally and aim for a minimum of 3 hours of exercise a week!

Get those fine bodies in motion 🙂   How do you get your 3 hours in per week?


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  1. I ride a desk bike every day at work while I’m on the phone for at least 2 hours a day.

  2. Wow. This is great news for busy moms. I’m finally at that point in my life where I can workout Mon, Wed, and Friday after work but It takes a LOT of time. I don’t know how moms with young families could do this. Now I see they don’t have to. Really good to know (and for me when I’m too tired some nights.)

  3. Just wanted to throw in that interval training or for example – running as fast as you can for 30-40 seconds, then walking for 90-120 seconds, then repeating also is very good for you and shrinks the amount of time you spend. See Dr. Mercola’s web site for more on this…and there are others. However, having said that, there is also a new book out called sitting kills, moving heals. Written by someone from NASA and how gravity affects us – our need to work against gravity. We sit too much – so even an hour of exercise a day is not as good as making sure you GET UP every 10-15 minutes through out the day and move a bit. Interesting stuff!

  4. Your Lighter Side says
  5. Good to know! I just had an idea…I’m going to start doing a weekend warrior workout at the beginning of the week. That way, if I get all my smaller, scheduled workouts in the rest of the week they will be bonus workouts! If I slack off the rest of the week I still will have gotten it done already! Oh….this could be GOOD!! This calls for celebratory bacon! 😀

  6. Great news, although I agree with the “move a little throughout the day” philosophy. Our muscles move our lymph (the liquid in our bodies that isn’t in the blood vessels), and help flush toxins.

    In addition, if we do bit — even just a 15-minute to half-hour walk each day or follow a short work-out video — we’re much less likely to overdo it on the weekends. Warriors tend to get injured (aching or torn muscles, pinched nerves, etc) much more often than those who go from long stops to vigorous starts.

    A former 90-yr old landlady used to walk her property each day, gather eggs, milk her two goats, and tend a gorgeous organic garden. Her favourite saying was “Movement is life!” I strive for that energy at her age; her life is part of what inspires me to push up out of the rocker every day!

    To our beautiful healthy selves!

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