Diabetes and the flu

Everyone needs to take steps to stay healthy this winter. Nobody likes to get sick, and parents know how fun it is taking care of sick kids. People with diabetes need to be extra aware since they already have a condition that their body is constantly fighting. We can all benefit from these tips, but this being diabetes awareness month, lets all be sure to spread the word to our friends and families with this disease!

·         Wash your hands often. Stay clear of cold and flu germs by washing your hands often and for at least 20 seconds with warm water and soap. Avoid putting your hands in your mouth, and try to get your little ones to stop                                                                    sucking their thumbs if they still do, they ingest everything they have touched when they do that.

·         Don’t share germs. If you sneeze or cough, cover your mouth with your arm and sneeze into your elbow to avoid spreading germs around you. They are stressing this in schools and my daughter does this naturally even                                                           at home when she sneezes. It is a good practice!

·         Get plenty of sleep. Allow your body to rebuild its immune system by getting the recommended seven to eight hours of sleep per night. I know this is easier said then done, but there is nothing that can replace a sold night                                                         of rest.. and plenty of good laughs during the day too!

·         Eat proper foods and hydrate. Diabetics need to stay hydrated and nourished in order for blood sugar levels to stay in balance. We all need to be sure to drink plenty of fluids. Now that it is not hot outside, we may not                                                                                       be drinking as much water as we did in warmer weather.

·         Over-the-counter medicine. People with diabetes need to be careful on what they take as they should avoid products with sugar and cough syrups containing alcohol. There are a few brands that offer sugar free cough                                                                                   syrup and cough drops. These are little things that you might not think about when trying to deal with a cold!


What are some of your tips for staying healthy when everyone around your is coughing and sneezing? Do you have any special remedies that you 5thhave used as a diabetic?

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  1. I’m not diabetic, but my husband is, and he swears by zinc.

  2. We diabetics do not necessarily need to avoid sugar (and why would we avoid alcohol??), we just need to be aware there’s sugar in there and adjust accordingly. Sometimes the artificial sugars are worse than the real deal. And the money people spend on “diabetic” products baffles me.

  3. I’m surprised you didn’t mention a flu shot. Super important for anyone with a compromised immune system. According to diabetes.org, diabetics are 3 times more likely to die from the flu.

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