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I love the holiday season! I love that I get to spend more time with my kids and make big meals. I love the decorating and jolly spirits and all of the happy stuff too. Reality is, after a couple of days the kids get stir crazy being at home all day and I run out of that jolly spirit trying to please them non stop. I love my kiddos, without a doubt, but I cannot keep up with their energy level or creativity to keep them entertained during their school breaks. So I was super happy to learn about Kiwi Crates! I have a little artist on my hands and I cannot come close to her creativity as I previously stated, but this company did all of that out of the box thinking for me, and put together a bunch of cool stuff into a box and shipped it my way! I have one for my youngest and one to give away to you! This is the perfect activity to do with your little one on turkey day! I am saving hers to put together then, but I snapped a few pictures for you to preview the cool stuff inside! Kiwi crates has a variety of cool crafts and activities all set to ship out for many occasions. So one lucky reader can try them out for free and I will ship it out today so you have it in time for Thanksgiving!

Tell me a little about the little one you have that you’d like make this craft with. Please hurry, as I want to ship this out to you today!




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  1. My youngest would love this – thanks!

  2. Sara Packard johnson says

    A three year old daughter and five year old son. We’ve bed doing more crafting at home to work on their fine motor skills. My son works very hard on projects, it’s so fun for himself has no idea we’re basically doing occupational therapy for him. 🙂

  3. Would be fun to do with my niece and nephews, little girl, and goddaughter before dinner Thursday!

  4. I would love this for my grand daughter, she is 8 and loves to craft, I have taught her simple jewelry making skills, but she loves to draw, and do all kinds of paper crafting too

  5. Deborah Barnette says

    Oh, my daughter would love this. She is a little artist! She just had her tonsils and adenoids removed today(on our way home from hospital). This would give her much enjoyment

  6. Tami Schubert says

    Unfortunately my children are grown, 21 and 19 now. However, I have just the perfect child who needs something like this. His name is Chase Guysinger, and he has chiari malformation. He has been in Rainbow Babies and Childrens Hospital in Cleveland for months now once again. He has undergone 2 brain surgeries, and now he has a tube for feeding that is inserted through his nose because he can’t eat normally at the moment. He has missed so much school, and he would love to have this to keep him occupied. I think he is about 6 or 7 years old and I can’t imagine how difficult it is for him and his family. Sadly he will be there for Thanksgiving.

    • Debra Arck-Caunt says

      I agree, Tami — as much as I’d love my 2 grandkids to have this, I feel it should go to Chase, as well. All the best. XOX

  7. Donna Phillips says

    Would love to make it with my Grandkids after Thanksgiving dinner. We always try to do a craft or play a game and they would love this!!!

  8. Debra Arck-Caunt says

    My 2 grandchildren (Milo is 7 yrs old and Rowena is 3 yrs old), are in Oregon, USA. I live in the UK — England to be exact — and I WOULD love them to have these! *fingers crossed*

  9. My wonderfully inquisitive Levi would LOVE this! He is a magical toddler who loves painting, colouring, felting, and cooking. He twirls and jumps up and down when I bring out the glue and paper scraps and loves to get sticky messy! He is currently obsessed with saying “meow,” making fish lips, and acting like a turkey (saying “gobble gobble” while pulling at his neck). Levi has the most joyful spirit I have ever had the privilege of encountering and I know that receiving a special surprise in the mail would be so special for him.

    Thanks for doing this — whoever the lucky child is will have a wonderful gift in the actual contents, but also in knowing it came from some VERY thoughtful person.

  10. My grand daughter Gissellen is most talented when it comes to art. I have her very first picture still framed up on my wall. She spends a lot of time drawing, coloring and painting. She will be 10 in December. She was born on her great grandmothers birthday even though she never got to meet her. She also has part of her name, Ellen, as do I & her mom.

  11. Vicki Gilbert says

    My 11 year old daughter would love this! She has been sick for 6 days, something like this would sure lift her spirits. We love working on things together! God bless and thanks for all u do

  12. My little one is 12. Not so little I know, but she is my baby girl. She dances, she cheers, she plays the piano, and has good grades. All the things a proud parent could think of, she does. What I really like about her is that she will do puzzles with me, she will snuggle up and read a book with me. She is the only person that I know that received a box of hand-me downs and was excited to see each piece of clothing. She is a Good person, and I feel blessed to be her mom everyday of my life.

  13. Both of my boys would love this! They love doing projects!

  14. Although I love my 3 grandchildren, all toddlers, I vote for Chase Guysinger. My grandkids are all healthy, happy, and active, so I have a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. Please bless Chase with this gift box. I hope others agree.

  15. I would love this for my 5 yr old son.

  16. My beautiful baby, Krista is now 4! Due to illness, I have spent many holidays (especially last year) in the hospital. I am now a Stay-at-Home Mom, and am blessed to have more time with her during the day. We both love to craft, and having a Kiwi Crate would be a wonderful way to continue making memories together. Thank you for being so generous and getting an extra Kiwi Crate to use as a giveaway!

  17. adriana schvemer says

    For a boy named Joshua..
    Im 38 and one of my best friends is 65…she has take in her two grandsons ages 9 and 13 and is using her retirement money and years to raise them. Just yesterday she was sad and worried because her 9 yr old told her he would like to die. He explained how life has been tough to him and he wasnt happy so he saw no reason to live. My jaw dropped and my heart broke hearing this. …turns out his teacher had humiliated him infront of his peers and not just once but apparently this had bn going on for awhile now. Investigation is on going. But I would like this craft box for Joshua to brighten his day! I have a 7 year old boy whom looks up to Joshua and always does crafts together and show my son how to keep busy with crafts. 🙂

  18. Super fun idea! My little artists, I have 2 sweet redheaded girls, and I would have so much fun playing with that!

  19. Eunice Puetz says

    Wow, I would so love to receive this. We have 9 grandkids – 7 and under and so that would come in big time handy. They r all busy little people and so something new at our house would be a huge bonus as we see them sooooo often and they love coming to Grpa and Grma’s house. They really love puzzles and anything that comes their way to play with. God Bless U for all U do!!

  20. Kollene Caspers says

    I have 2 at home, and I’m the one who is trying to get used to staying at home after a move & job change for my husband 3 months ago. Every day I struggle to find fun & creative things to do with them. This would be awesome!

  21. My wife and I work with young children in our church, playing games, crafts, and reading about and memorizing Bible verses. This sounds like it would be a fun thing to do right before thanksgiving.

  22. my Great Niece who thinks she is my Grandchild! LOL This is my sister’s Granddaughter!

  23. sandy burge says

    this would be perfect to entertain my creative grandnieces and nephews while we’re getting dinner ready!

  24. I have a 9 year & 1 year old granddaughter & also a 6 year old grandson. This would be great to add to the Fort building material (sheets), color books, story books, etc.

  25. My almost 4 year old son would do it at home with his homeschooled 10 yr. old sister. We are always looking for things to keep him occupied while we school. Hard to do, cuz he’s a BUSY boy, but this looks intriguing.

  26. My 2 daughters, ages 8&5 would live this. They are both very artsy.

  27. Kris in Alaska says

    I have sudden guardianship of my almost 5 year old grandson and he ADORES arts and crafts, especially since Grandpa is an artist! We’ve already had him do a charcoal imprint of his hands to send to his mommy for Christmas! He’d LOVE this kit! Thanks!

  28. Marcia Butler says

    I have a 7 year old great niece who is full of boundless energy and gets really excited at any holiday when we have family get togethers. Since am the only one in the family who works on crafts and projects with her, this would be great thing for us to do together!

  29. My daughter is 4 and has a ton of energy and loves crafts! I was just telling her we need to do some holiday art!

  30. Vicki Gilbert says

    As like most moms on here, some dads and a lot of grandmas we want this for our child! I have to say,

    I do not want it now (as much as I would love it for my daughter) I feel it should go to Chase!!! We are all for the most part have healthy children. If its something little Chase could do then it would be an awesome gift for him! When I said my daughter has been sick for 6 days and is still sick, it wasn’t a plea for er to get it just my own thoughts of how it would be a pick up for her. Then I read Chases story and I felt SO guilty!

    I hope it goes to Chase! God bless

  31. My three year old granddaughter LOVES crafting! And is learning to be the hostess with the mostest LOL This year she is making plaster candy molds and painting them to give away to all of the family at Thanksgiving.

  32. My niece would love it!

  33. I occupy my boys with craft projects!

  34. I would love it for my granddaughter. Thanks

  35. My niece would like it.

  36. Please enter me for my lil’ sister.

  37. I’d do these with my niece and nephew!

  38. My grandson, Brenner !

  39. My kids would love to do this!! My daughter is always wanting to do crafty stuff with me.

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