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Halloween is over with, have you taken the spooky decorations down yet?  What is the next major holiday for us American’s? Thanksgiving right?! Well if you go to your local Target or Wal-Mart, apparently Christmas is next! They seem to set up for the December holiday season earlier each year! I suppose that is good for the ones that like to decorate and plan ahead. Until the online shopping revolution I was the last-minute shopper picking gifts out from the “left-overs” the night before the gift exchanges. I am not the most technically inclined person actually, but I have figured out online shopping pretty well because I can shop in my pajamas and no waiting in lines!

So…. I have three items for the YourLighterSide fans to purchase from the site! You can send these gifts directly to the recipient  or to your house to surprise them in person! It does not have to be only for a holiday gift. These are also nice as birthday gifts, or even a random gift saying, hey I ordered this from my favorite site for you 😉 The profits made from selling these items will help fund the up front cost of publishing the YourLighterSide Cookbook! So you can get these goodies for yourself, friends, family, and help to get the book published! The fans that purchase any items will be given free shipping for the cookbook, oh, and you will also get the first copies too 🙂

You can click on the word “Shop” on the tool bar of the main site, or the icon of a shopping cart beside the Twitter image. Here is the direct link to the shopping cart.

Here are more images of the goods.


Here is the HUGE selection of items:


1Coffee, tea, or anything you please! This stylish and functional mug holds 16 ounces of your favorite beverage and included is a cute stirring spoon that slides right into the handle, rad! Take this pretty matte black mug with a lime green spoon to your favorite coffee shop, and give ‘em more to envy besides your amazing weight loss progress. This can also be a nifty way to enjoy a cup of soup or cereal. Oh, the endless possibilities ;)









2Who says that you can’t mix functionality and style, not me! With this reusable tote made from jute and colored with azo-free dye, you will be making a statement beyond just the fab looks; this bag is eco-friendly too! The 12.5” cotton rope handles and a button loop closure provides stability and security, just in case you decide to throw your wallet or other valuables in there while shopping. These are great to use on trips to the grocery store, farmer’s market, the beach, or the office! You will have plenty of room to tote around anything you like with 13.5” tall, 17.5 long, and 5.5” base inside your bag.






3All aprons are NOT created equal! I mean, these are meant to get a little dirty and save your fancy outfits underneath, right? Well the YourLighterSide apron will not only protect the ball gown or tuxedo you are wearing as you cook, you will look amazing wearing it! The apron has a Teflon stain release finish, so bring it on the splatter, I dare you! There are four pockets so you can stash the printed out recipe, your cell phone, bacon… anything you need to store while using your hands to make magic happen in the kitchen! The back ties and adjustable neck strap holds the apron in place, so this will comfortably fit just about anyone! It is 30” tall and 24” wide, so plenty of surfaces will be protected as you look sleek in this black apron!



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