The YourLighterSide Vets

Yesterday I asked for a few vets to send in a photo that I could share with everyone. I wanted to personally thank them and give them an apron in addition to letting you all get to put a few faces of the men and women that have or still are serving our country, and that are also fans of the site. So again, thank you to the guys and gals putting your life on the line for us!

twohy girlsThe Twohy sisters both serve in the military! Their loving mother in Alaska sent me their pics, and she is one proud momma!








barrotsBoth Mr. and Mrs. Barott served and they are now civilians. They enjoy the blog mostly for the recipes as they are trying to get back into shape!








hulmeTimothy Hulme served 29 years in the Air Force! He plans to wear the apron while cooking on the grill 🙂










Mark Smith served in the Navy during the 80’s. Check out that style! We do not promote smoking, but if you got the belly to wear a crop top.. you go boy! His wife Judy submitted his photo and she is a huge fan of the site. She enjoys the humor we put into losing weight. Well Judy, we thank you and your hubby for this rad retro picture!

mark smith









I hope you all enjoy the YourLighterSide aprons! For everyone else that would like one, there is FREE shipping!!!


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  1. Just ordinary “Joe’s” who stepped up to extraordinary and give us the very blessed lives we live. Thank you.

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