Veterans Day

veterans_dayToday is a day to remember all of the soldiers that fought for our country. I have many relatives and friends that were brave enough to serve. I truly appreciate living in this country and all of the freedom that we do have. Everyone has their complaints, but we have it pretty darn good here in America! THANK YOU so much for all of the men and women that put their lives on the line to fight for us!

I would like to give away few YourLighterSide aprons to the first 5 Vets that email me! Please send in your military picture and a few sentences about yourself, and also your mailing address.


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  1. Both of my daughters are currently in the military; Coast Guard and Navy. They have both enjoyed your wit and recipes through the past year of my low carb journey. Thank you for being there for us along the way. Sonia, proud mom of Sammi and Riss

  2. I am so proud to be American, and I am so proud of our veterans for fighting to give us the freedom we enjoy 🙂

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