Work place workouts

Does your office allow work place workouts? Some places of employment encourage this and some do now allow it.

I know of a few places that the employees have rallied together to workout in the office after business hours. They bring a change of clothes and some tennis shoes and sweat it out doing P90X videos together. I think it is great to see people coming together and trying to improve their health. I am sure it is a lot more motivating to workout when you know everyone else around you is going to, and maybe it makes some feel a little more obligated to join in.

I have seen some people do their calisthenics while in their cubicle. They have their head set on and taking calls while doing lunges in front of their desk. If nothing else it is entertaining to watch and the person doing it is burning some calories. I just think about the person on the other side of that phone call hearing them breath heavily and random grunts throughout the call as their legs start to burn even more. It can keep things interesting I guess 🙂

Sitting for long periods of time is not good for any of us. Even if you are not keen on the idea of exercising at work. You can walk the steps during your lunch break or around the block. Every hour try to take an extended bathroom break, get up and walk around, stretch in the bathroom, drink water, freshen up.. just get the blood flowing! This goes for long plane flights as well, try to get up and move every hour or so if possible.


Do you partake in office workouts? Does one of your coworkers hold planks while reviewing proposals? Please do tell 🙂 

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  1. I work form home, so this may not apply to the office, but I do workouts (or cleaning) while on conference calls (except when it is my turn to speak, lol). I also get in a walk or jog before work and come to my desk all sweaty and do my cool down while my computer is booting up for the day. I also use exercise to relieve work stress, a couple of times when work has been really stressful. I will take a break and go for a short walk. It helps process information and then clear your mind.

  2. At my husband’s work, departments got downsized, so the remaining people and cubicles got reorganized, leaving a good-sized end of a building that was free and clear of anything. The department heads got together, and decided to make it the “in-office workout space.” There’s a treadmill, a rowing machine, a stair machine, a stationary bike, a heavy bag, a weight bench, and some free weights–it ain’t big or fancy (all used equipment everybody chipped in for), but it’s there for before, during, or after work. Hubby goes in an hour early so he can use it before the logjam of co-workers in there begins.

    It’s by no means fancy, but the price is right! 🙂

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