2014 Food trends

Every year there are new miracle diets, amazing foods, killer foods, magical herbs, and oh yea.. the legalization of a different kind of herb too.FoodTrends

This year already has shown us a few new trends, here are a few more that you should keep your eye out for:

  • Groceries at a Click: Stores are making it easier for shoppers to use their computers and their mobile phones to shop for groceries. Shoppers are increasingly using the Web to plan meals, make grocery lists, stick to a budget, use coupons, and conveniently order food items for delivery OR Pick-Up curbside.

o    This trend applies to Millennials who are spending more of their time doing what they love/pursing a career, as well as to multitasking parents.


  • ·         Seeds: Newly trendy for being pint-sized nutritional powerhouses, seeds contain a number of nutrients in a figure-friendly package. Your readers may know about flax, chia and hemp, but the new seed on the block is wheat germ, derived from the most nutrient-dense part of the wheat kernel and packed with vitamin E, folic acid, phosphorus, thiamin, zinc, magnesium, as well as essential fatty acids, B vitamins and fiber.

o    Wheat germ is TASTY, too, with a warm, nutty flavor. It’s easy to incorporate the food into one’s diet using it as an ingredient in existing favorite recipes!


  • ·         Eating Local: According to the USDA, the number of Farmers’ Markets in the US has increased over 30% from 2010 – 2013 (source) indicating an increasing interest in eating local foods. Ball canning products help consumers preserve their favorite foods to enjoy year round!


  • ·         Black Soybeans: Recently touted as an emerging superfood by Dr. Oz for its weight loss and cholesterol lowering properties, Black Soybeans are one of the year’s hottest functional ingredients.


  • ·         Protein Packed Foods: According to research group Mintel, 87% of US consumers identify protein as an important food attribute. If you plan to cover protein-rich foods in 2014, 360PR clients Stonyfield Greek yogurt and Balance bar might be a fit.

What are some trends that you have tried out or heard about already this year??? 

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  1. Dr. Oz has taken a financial stake in the black soybeans, I guarantee it–he doesn’t recommend anything unless he first takes a financial position in it. Following HIS recommendations is like following the whims of Wall St.

    • I can’t speak to his financial stake but have grown distrustful of his ever increasing list of weight loss promises by foods, supplements, diets, crash diets, etc.

  2. Very interesting, I especially like that more people are going local as it not only tastes better but it also helps out local businesses 🙂

  3. Gluten Free is going to keep on keeping on. I think more vegetable chips that are natural will also make a bigger appearance this year. I HOPE grass-fed/finished makes a BIGGER LEAP this year too!!

  4. COOL BLOG!!

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