An LC-Foods New Year’s Resolution: Offer Products That Are More Than “Just Gluten Free”

The LC Foods Gluten Free product line doesn’t force consumers to choose between gluten free and low carb/low sugar.


The big corporate food manufacturers have noticed society’s movement toward more gluten free products.  But are they providing consumers with products that are truly good for them?  You can probably guess the answer.

Most gluten free products are very fattening, because they are made with mass produced staples like rice flour and potato flour.  For the big corporate food conglomerates, unfortunately it’s more about using inexpensive ingredients, than it is about using good quality.

This puts knowledgeable gluten free consumers in a difficult spot.

What if you are diabetic and have Celiac’s, or have a gluten intolerance but also want to watch your carbohydrate intake? The mass produced gluten free products force you to choose between the two diet objectives. Eating exclusively gluten free can spike your blood sugar and require you to take more medication and insulin.  Eating low carb/low sugar can allow the gluten to distress your gluten intolerance situation.

LC-Foods continues to work very hard in Research & Development to add more products to it’s Gluten Free line that will allow consumers to have a gluten free and low carb diet.  The company is just a few short weeks away from releasing the brand new LC-Gluten Free Cookies that will become the latest of over 100 products that meet these gluten free/low carb standards.

The LC-Foods commitment is to continue avoiding the mass producers’ profit-driven motives that come at the expense of healthy products.  The cookies are nearly here and more gluten free/low carb products are on the way at LC-Foods. Next time you’re shopping, remember to ask yourself, “Is it just Gluten Free?”  There is a better, healthier solution with LC-Foods.

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    Thanks for doing that!!

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