family xrDid you know that January is Family Fit Lifestyle Month? I didn’t either, but I like it!  It can be difficult starting a healthy eating/exercise regimen with the entire family, but starting early, having the right gear and making a plan can lead to the fittest year for your family yet – without them even realizing it!

Have the right gear:  Besides a stocked fridge of healthy food and a plan, make sure you’re equipped and heading to the gym or on your next walk with the right gear. Great running/walking shoes are key. Keep your feet in good condition so you can keep the workouts going strong! If you run or walk at night, maybe a head lamp and reflective gear would be a great investment.

Stay safe: While you’re clocking in fitness miles, sending the kids off to sports practice or heading out on a camping trip, keep yourself in-check and safe with the right gear. It is smart to wear one of the many brands of athletic bracelets that have your emergency contact info and any medical information on it. They make these in kid and adult sizes. Also, I know a lot of ladies have pepper spray on their key chains, this is not a bad idea for anyone to bring with them while out on a walk/jog.

Snack Smart: When creating healthy resolutions with the family, fitness isn’t the only way to lose – make sure you’re snacking on the right nutrients! Weight loss has more to do with the foods you eat than working out really. You can workout all day long but if you are chowing on terrible high calorie foods, you will not see the results from that hard workout you just put in. I try to prepare snacks ahead of time right after I eat when I am not hungry. If you wait until you are hungry to make the snacks, you are a lot more likely to go for something quick and not so good for you.

Power Up for Parents: Sometimes weight loss, or even getting up and moving, is much easier for the kids. Why is it that kids have endless energy and us adults have to try to stay awake after lunch by literally holding our eye lids open with our fingers?? We may need more of a boost than the kiddos. A cup of coffee to start the day always a good jump start, green tea does the trick too. Another way to help you wake up in the morning or after lunch is a little cardio blast. I am not saying you need to go jump on the treadmill and get all sweaty, you can simply do 20 jumping jacks and that will surely get your blood moving and wake you up a bit.

Stick to your Goals: No matter what, achieving a healthy plan for families is all about mindset and a positive attitude! To achieve resolutions, make achievable, small, short term goals the whole family is aligned with. Small, short-term goals are the most effective and taking resolutions one step at a time is the best way to succeed! I also like to reward myself after reaching a goal, you can do this for yourself and your family too. Maybe that means you buy yourself a new dress in a smaller size once you can fit into it, or the kiddos get a new pair of running shoes once they meet a goal you set for them. Just do not reward with cupcakes, that would be confusing.

Do you involve the entire family when it comes to healthy living and eating? If so, what activities do you do together?

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  1. With all the holiday feasts I always thought January was the Family Happyfood month or something. But yeah, the first month of the year is all about resolutions, and we all know it’s way easier to do things with company. It doesn’t have to be the immediate family, but activities that are motivation-based, such as changing habits, sure could use the company and support of someone who’s in the same place as we are.
    Great post and very useful advice, keep them coming.

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