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If you are anything like me, there is no such phrase as “over protective” when it comes to the safety of your children. I do realize they need to be their own person as well and learn to adapt being away from me. Sending my daughter to Zoo  day camp this past summer was much scarier for me than it was for her. I know that her school is safe and know most of the people there. When she goes to dance and swim lessons, she has me or her grandma with her. Zoo day camp did not allow parents to stay after the morning singing/welcome sessions. My daughter loves animals and was very excited to go. I got her a new backpack with zoo animals on it to bring her lunch and a change of clothes. I also wrote my phone number in PERMANENT marker smack dab in the middle of the backpack so anyone with 20/100 vision could see it. She is young and I did not want to leave it to question if she could remember my number if she got lost or needed something. Yes, I realize as I write this I am very paranoid, but hey, like I said when it come to my offspring, I do not believe you can be too over protective!

If the rest of you do not want to ruin your kids cool new backpack by writing your contact info on it, luckily someone thought of something a lot better! There are these cool little things called “Safety Tat”  They are ultra durable, water proof, quick stick temporary tattoos for kids! You can slap one of these on your kiddo if they are going on a school field trip you might be nervous about, or maybe even going to zoo camp 😉 They also offer SafetyTat’s that show food allergies your child has, so other adults can clearly see what they cannot serve your child.

Kids are awesome and wonderful, but they are also, well.. kids! So I think something like this will put you a little more at ease and they do not have to panic if they cannot remember your number in a nervous situation of them getting separated from you. They were kind enough to send me a free sample, and I would like to offer to send my free sample to one of you! One pack comes with 6 tattoos and the pen that you can write your phone number on the tat. If you happen to not win the giveaway, you can still snag your own at:  I will be ordering some before zoo camp this year for sure 🙂


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  1. Debby Skidmore says

    These look fabulous for my Grandchildren.

  2. Wenchypoo says

    I hope you all are putting them in an inconspicuous spot on your kids–have you already forgotten about ID theft, and using personal information for financial gain (no matter WHERE you find it)? ID thieves used to dig through trash and steal mail, then moved onto the web, and now you’re inviting them to take it right off your kid’s body unless you put it somewhere not widely seen publicly…like on the foot (covered by sock and shoe), or on the inner arm (covered by a shirt sleeve), or inner leg (covered by a pant leg). On the back, on the chest, or on the butt are other good clothing-covered places.

    Use some sense here! How do you know the kid’s teacher, or someone at the zoo, isn’t an ID thief on the side? Your kid goes to the zoo–next thing you know, there’s a new mortgage taken out in your name, and not a whole lot you can do about it but take the massive credit hit.

  3. Kimberly says

    My six year old daughter has Down syndrome/autism and is non-verbal. These would be ideal for school trips. If she ever gets separated she cannot tell anyone her name. How do I enter?

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