FREE stuff Friday!

We survived the week, yay! Now it is time to celebrate! I look forward to sleeping and staying in casual clothes as much as possible over the weekends. That is one reason why I strongly prefer online shopping, I do not even have to get dressed 🙂 Yes, you can go to and shop naked for all I care, or in a bunny costume, no judging. I like to give deals once a month or so to all of you fabulous reader’s, and today is that day. The money raised by selling the Your Lighter Side goodies will be used to publish a cookbook this year (fingers crossed, legs crossed, eyes crossed sometime too) So all of you will be playing a part in making this happen! I really appreciate all of you and hope you are having a fabulous Friday!

Now on to the deal: Buy 2 get 1 FREE and….FREE shipping as well 🙂 You simply visit and purchase 2 items, the FREE item you request has to be equal of less value. You can buy 2 mugs and get a 3rd one free. You can can 1 mug and 1 apron and get a tote or mug free, which ever you prefer.. just examples. Be sure to write in the given area which item you wish to receive for free and remember only put two items in your shopping cart, if you put all 3 you will be charged.. and then there is the hassle dealing with the merchant to refund you etc..

To get this FREE stuff on Friday, I must receive your order on… FRIDAY 🙂  You will receive your orders next week my friends!

These can be great gifts to friends and family, or keep them all for yourself 🙂 

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