Happy Mother’s Day!

Here is to all of the ladies out there that never get to “clock out” from their 24/7 labor of love. I love being a Mom and I realize this is an amazing gift, but I would be lying if I did not say that is can definitely get exhausting. I can relate! This shout out goes to the single dads that are acting as both a father and mother too. So all of y’all extend your right arm high, bend that arm, and give yourself a pat on the back for surviving another year of raising your offspring!!!

I hope you have a wonderful day and feel appreciated! To show my appreciation to all of you foxy momma’s out there, I would like to send out a gift to the first 10 Mother’s that comment on this post. Tell me a funny story you have experienced with motherhood. I love to laugh and share experiences 🙂

Happy Mother’s Day <3 Enjoy these laughs and be sure to share some back!mom



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  1. Diane Harroff says

    Really enjoy your recipes. I am a night shift nurse, who of course sleeps during the day. My daughter’s teacher was really impressed with me as a mom when my daughter told her “my mom sleeps all the time”!!

  2. Well I love how sometimes I am trying to be serious and I end up laughing with my kids. For instance on the few occasions when my 4 yr old says a bad word she has heard in my house no doubt. It’s so hard not to laugh.
    I love when for snippets of time my 14 yr old and I get on the same wavelength and share a good laugh and connect. It’s at those times I realize how much we share the same sense of humor and I just love it.

    • OK, I am going to add to this. My daughter has a friend at preschool that constantly tells her little tales and fibs. I told my daughter that she tells tall tales. Of course I never said I didn’t like her but she told her friend “My mom said you are a fiber and she doesn’t like you”

  3. Made the mother’s day treats with almond cream filling. Ticked all the boxes for the Banting diet which we are doing in South Africa. A happy smile from all the dieters.
    Jennifer S A

  4. Funny new mom story. Having to feed a premie every 2 hours. I fed at 1, til almost 2, then set the alarm in my phone for 3. Laid it down and what seemed like seconds passed, it went off saying 3am. I cried thinking I could not have even got my eyes all the way closed, that was way to fast. But I got up grabbed my premie and headed to the rocker to feed again. Then realized it was daylight savings and my iPhone had automatically sprang forward. So I really hadn’t gotten my eyes closed good. I quit crying. Laid my premie down and set the clock for 4. Happy for “another” hour of sleep.

  5. Happy Mother’s Day! My story is from my daughter when she was 4. We were talking about heaven and my daughter said “I hope they have peanut butter and DEVILED eggs in heaven”! Hmmm…I wonder! LOL

  6. I raised 6 children with the help of a wonderful husband…my parents in California and we lived in Texas. I would frequently fly to visit them. It was quite easy with one child but then when the second and third came along it became difficult. My flight was late arriving to switch planes making me late for my connecting flight. When I walked off one plane I heard the announce of the last call for my connecting flight. The gate as gate was a good distance down the corridor. I grabbed hands with a 51/2 year old, a 3 1/2 year old and carried a 2 month old. I told them we were having a race to the end of the hall and the first one there would get a prize from the man who flew the airplane. We made it but it was quite comical! The pilot gave both the boys wings to pin on their shirts.

  7. Thanks for helping me stay positive and I love the Mothers Day Bits! Especially the bottle of wine ad and the favorite kid bit. Funny all kids think they are our favorites and of course, they are!

  8. Christine says

    My 5 yar old sonewas distraught when he “realized” he couldn’t get married since he couldn’t find another girl with his last name and I was already taken!

  9. Christine says

    Bad typind. Should have typed “somewhat”.

  10. Your Lighter Side says

    Please email me your mailing address so I can send a little prize out to all of you funny momma’s that made me laugh with your awesome stories on Mother’s Day! yourlighterside@gmail.com
    Email me your address asap so I can get these out today!

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