Mother’s Day Giveaway

Next weekend a lot of us will be celebrating Mother’s Day! Everyone in this world was brought into it by a woman, and there is no way around that one. There is more to being a mother than giving birth, and even after the kids are out of the house you are still going to be a mother for the rest of your life. I am not going to lie and say it is all peachy 24/7, but I realize how lucky I am to experience motherhood and I love my offspring more than anything else in this world. These stretchmarks were totally worth it!

To celebrate a mother you know and/or the mother that you are, I would like to offer this deal: Buy 1 apron and you get 1 mug with stirring spoon for FREE.. and shipping is FREE as well!

Order today for shipping tomorrow to get the goodies in time for Mother’s Day.

*** Also, the first 10 that order will get a bonus gift sent out to them.. it rhymes with boat, coat, and billy-goat 🙂

You just select the apron and purchase, do not add the mug into your shopping cart, that will automatically be added to the orders processed today. Happy shopping!!!



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