3 Simple things…

These 3 simple things you do today can help you feel better tomorrow! Hey, I am willing to try just about anything that can make my days a tad bit better. Some of you might already be on top of these as a daily routine, but it never hurts to get a reminder!

•  Drink half your body weight in ounces of spring or well water every day.
If you weigh 150 pounds, that’s 75 ounces of water (about 9 cups).

A lot of people walk around dehydrated without realizing it and that can have a significant effect on  health and how we feel. Dehydrated bodies trap toxins and encourage water retention – a natural defense against the chronic “drought.”

Our bodies need the steady flow of pure, spring or well water. If you don’t like the taste, try mixing up to a teaspoon of sea salt into a quart of water.

A simple test for dehydration: Pinch the skin on the back of your hand and hold for three seconds. When you release, if the ridge from the pinch remains for more than a second, you’re probably dehydrated.

I have started to carry around a giant, 32 ounce, water bottle and I drink two of those per day plus the beverages I have with meals.

•  Take at least a few minutes every day to connect with nature. 

Nature brings perpetual revitalization and ongoing renewal, especially when experienced through multiple senses:  the smell of freshly turned earth or evergreens in the woods; the touch of cool stream water on your face or feet; the sight of birds on the wing and budding blooms.

These are not just pleasant little gifts to experience – we need them for restoration, renewal, revival and rehabilitation. The more disconnected we become from the Earth, the more we inhibit our body’s natural ability to heal.

I know this might now be as easy for city goers, but most cities do have parks nearby. I have tried to make it a point to do my walks on the nature trail rather then just around the neighborhood. I can actually tell a difference, mostly in my motivation to actually do it.

•  Take a brisk, 10- to 20-minute walk every day.

 Walking is the simplest, most natural form of exercise. You might walk a nature trail, walk to the store instead of driving or take your pet for a stroll.

Three brisk 10-minute walks a day are as effective at lowering blood pressure as one 30-minute walk. You can break up the time any way you need to, just aim to get 30 minutes in per day.

Outdoor walking is preferable to walking on a treadmill or other machine, since the uneven surfaces and changing directions of natural walking will engage more muscles and tendons.

Swing each arm in synchronization with the opposite foot to strengthen your cross-crawl functionality and mind-body balance.


What are some tips you’d like to share on simple changes that can really improve your day?

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  1. Brenda Malone says

    Thank you for the tips and encouragement.

  2. Work your way up to 1Tbsp of coconut oil in your coffee each a.m. improves bowel function, gut health, skin, hair, nails, and heart health.

  3. Excellent reminders here! Do I have a tip to share? To lift my mood, I compliment others. Putting a smile on someone else’s face makes me feel good.

  4. Good stuff! Thanks for all your great work bringing us this super site!

  5. Im officially holding myself to the water thing. I certainly don’t drink enough


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