Get that fine body in motion!

Every week I ask, what you are doing to get that fine body in motion?! I get motivated reading about the various activities and exercises people are doing, and I hope that others get motivated by these post as well. There are endless benefits to being active, but here is another reason to “Get your fine body in motion” 😉

If you suffer from a mid afternoon slump like I do, hitting the recommended 150 minutes of exercise per week may actually increase your energy levels! Not only will you be looking good, but you’ll be feeling even better!

I keep a daily log counting the total time of exercise I did that day. This helps hold me accountable as well as pick at my competitive side. Even if the competition is just with myself, I do not like to lose. I set my weekly goals and I do my absolute best to hit them.

So…what are YOU going to do today to get that fine body in motion? Do you have weekly/monthly goals, or just wing it? What works for you???

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