Losing weight and looking great!

I would like to share an inspiring message I received last week from a reader named Ashley. She has lost over 9″ and she looks amazing! Ashley says she is about 1/3 of the way to her goal, how about we all give her a big congrats on her current success and wish her the best to meeting her ideal weight! I am sure we can all relate, this is why I love to share stories straight from the source 🙂


“I’m a new Momma, my daughter is 15 months old and I have kept ALL my pregnancy weight plus a good 10lbs. GREAT right? Well, I have been really down in the dumps about my weight and my uncomfortable-ness in my own body. My husband the last six months has been The Incredible Shrinking Man, which just made me feel great. NOT it made me feel like jingle Jack Sprat could eat no fat and his wife could eat no lean, but together they licked the plates clean. Ha!

Anyway, I had a really ‘awesome’ meltdown and finally asked him for help, because he was doing something that what obviously working. He explained that he had been reading a bunch of books like ‘The Grain Brain’, ‘Why We Get Fat’ ect. He wanted me to read and listen to all his research on the matter, which isn’t the way I learn. I’m a self learner and explorer. Give me guidelines and I’ll follow them to the ‘T’. He suggested we start eating low carb and gluten free. Trying to get ourselves into a ketogenic state. I was overly frustrated because I couldn’t find recipes that looked good or that were understandable… Until I found your website.

You have been my saving grace and I wanted to thank you for putting your recipies online for people like me, who felt like there was no hope but eating boiled eggs and almonds.

We have changed the way we’ve been eating for almost a month, so not terribly long and I found your website within the second week. I have been making your recipes and LOVE them, and it gives me a sense of normalized cooking again. I’m proud to say that with changing the way we’ve been eating and your recipes I’m down 22lbs!

Thank you again, you’ve given me hope on this new life of eating.
Sincerely, Ashley”

Check out her before and after pics, looking good on her journey!

yls success

yls before

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  1. Very impressive, Ashley! Looks like you’re on the right track so just keep doing what you’re doing!

  2. Good for you Ashley!!!!!!!….it is a different way of eating..but a great way of eating. I too love Your Lighter side site…….the food I have been creating using the recipes are fantastic. I am down 29 pounds and counting!!!

  3. Great work Ashley! It is especially good you have the support of your hubby.It makes it so much easier. Mine is doing it with me and not only have we both lost weight, but we have found another thing in common to explore together.
    I love “Your lighter side” and have enjoyed making many of the recpies posted there.

  4. That’s so amazing. You look great and keep it up.

  5. Way to go Ashley! I’ve been eating Atkins/low-carb for almost 3 years. It is what I’ll do the rest of my life. So glad you chose health! This is a great site for recipes and info. Keep up the fantastic way of life you’ve chosen, along with your husband.


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