Healthy Lifestyle tips!

Below are five simple tips from the book to achieving a healthy lifestyle:

1) Befriend Your Body: Your body is the best guide to your wellness decisions. In addition to what studies and research shows, understanding your body’s messages will help you make accurate decisions to achieve perfect wellness.

2) Exercise to Energize Not to Exhaust: It is important to exercise in order to feel energized. Working out obsessively to the point of exhaustion is not the answer. Also, exercising out of guilt is ineffective and short lived. Exercising to look and feel good helps to achieve a more effectively healthy lifestyle.

3) Connect With Nature: As within so without. Nature is really an extension of the human body and is a great way to also connect with oneself. The more we create time for being outdoors and close to nature the better our foundation will be, to listen to our bodies.

4) Trust Your Own Feelings: Your feelings never lie. If you allow yourself to access how your body is feeling when you imagine a specific choice, food, or lifestyle decision, you will be guided to the best option. Envision and choose what feels right and relaxing for your body.

5) Don’t Make Decisions Out of Fear: Many of us make diet and lifestyle choices out of fear of what might go wrong if we eat something unhealthy or if we don’t workout. Changing the perspective from fear to love for the body helps us to make naturally better decisions and create long lasting wellness.


What are some tips you would like to share that have helped you achieve a healthy lifestyle???

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  1. I once heard this list from a Doctor who was being interviewed on an afternoon drive time radio show ot of Chicago about 10 years ago.

    Five things to do to stay healty

    1. Drink plenty of water
    2. Eat sensibly
    3. Exercise regularly
    4. Sleep at least 8 hours every night.
    5. Wash your hands often with warm soapy water for at least 20 seconds.

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