Cheap and Easy Crock Pot Beef Roast

The crock pot was never this snazzy growing up

Food doesn’t get much more delicious and prittay than this! I mean, hello No Brainer, when our lifestyle is comprised of healthy, whole foods, the colors of nature just leap out at you and smack your face with your tongue. Food just doesn’t get much simpler, either. Nor more foolproof. Nor more asked after by your family (even if they’re picky pickyheads).

One example? That roast you scored at the store on manager’s special, as we did with this roast. Just 8 hours on low heat and the meat’s falling off of the bone. A few more hours and the meat will fall apart and beg you to take it into your arms. Oh beefy embrace. How you complete me.

If you need to make the meal look more complicated than it is, be sure to splash your frock with that flour you’ve had sitting in the freezer, unused, for the last two years. No one will ever think to ask why there’s wheat leavins on clothing when there’s nothing like that in the dinner. It’s dramatic license.

The vegetables were leftovers from a fresh veggie tray I scored at the store on sale. I just tossed them in when it made sense (see recipe below) for some added vavoom, vitamins and because I hate wasting veggies. Tomatoes might seem like a weird addition to a beef dish, but it makes all the sense in the world, and the acids from the tomatoes complement the beef, thickening the broth with a robust, tomato flavor.

Cheap and Easy Crock Pot Beef Roast

pot roast
sea salt
cracked pepper
organic beef broth
vegetables to taste

Preheat pan with butter over medium heat until butter is frothy. Sear raw pot roast in butter until sides are barely brown (about 30 seconds on each side). Place in crock pot. Sprinkle with sea salt and cracked pepper. Add a cup of organic beef broth and vegetables to taste (I added carrots and tomatoes in the beginning, cauliflower and broccoli towards the end –2 hours to go–since they cook quickly).

Cook for 12 hours on low, until meat literally falls apart in beautiful strings.

Smile and serve. And when the family asks who died and made you Betty Crocker, cough nervously, grin, and tell them not to check the armoire in the guest bedroom.

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  1. I’ve done this before, but now I see why my house smelled unbearable after several hours – I put the cauliflower in the beginning; you could smell it for miles! Will put it in for the last couple hours instead. By the way – did the gravy thicken up for you? That’s the problem I always have, Maybe cooking the cauli on the stove and adding it last after mashing it would thicken it up. Sounds great with an oopsie roll for dipping!

  2. Looks great!

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