Staying healthy during the Super Bowl!

Here are some tips and ideas to keep your Super Bowl a bit healthier this year!

Check out the facts on some Super Bowl favorites:

  • Nachos on average have 787 calories and 46 grams of fat per serving
  • Guacamole & Chips (300 calories and 20 grams of fat per serving)
  • Spinach & Artichoke Dip (500 calories and 35 grams of fat per serving)

During the 2014 Super Bowl Americans spent more than $1 billion on food to enjoy while they watched the game—did I mention unhealthy food? The Super Bowl doesn’t have to completely derail your diet (New Year, New You!), and I wanted to pass along a few ideas for quick, easy, and delicious snacks and light bites to serve on Super Bowl Sunday, without spending the whole day in the kitchen (after all, no one wants to miss those commercials!).

  • APPETIZER: Swap guac for low-cal salsa

The calories in rich and creamy guacamole can add up quickly, so consider switching to a low-cal salsa instead.  While store brought versions tend to be high in sodium, you can easily whip up your own, with tomatoes, onion, lemon juice, salt, and cayenne pepper.  For some added nutrition, sprinkle a seed blend on top, like this Organic Flax/Hemp blend from Carrington Farms.


Instead of munching on the bowls of sugary candy, pretzels, nuts, and other snack foods left in front of the TV, munch on freeze dried fruit instead – an entire bag of Fruttata freeze dried fruit is just 40 cals!  FruttataCrisps come from carefully selected fruits from the finest regions in the world. Each 1 oz. bag of Fruttata crisps provides a satisfying nutrition that is equivalent to 285 grams of fresh fruit. Fruttata Crisps are all natural, gluten free, with no additional sugar added.


Instead of drenching that hero in full fat mayo, embrace a different condiment – mustard! Established in 1814, Colman’s Mustard of Norwich has been recognized widely as the iconic English mustard in the U.K. With just 10 calories per serving and a fiery kick, this is a great alternative to other fattening dips and sauces.

  • DESSERT: Indulge in a portion controlled sweet treat

Depriving yourself of dessert will just cause you to eat more sweets the next day.  Instead, let yourself indulge in an occasional portion controlled sweet treat, like these mini croissants from Bauli (just 50 calories a pop)!  This will satisfy your sweet tooth, without tacking on too many unnecessary calories. Available in chocolate and vanilla.

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