Stylish and Covert Way for Women to Transport Hairpieces

Forget Wigging Out: ResQ Bag™ is the Sleek and Discreet Carry-All Kit for Wigs and Hair Extensions

 Amy Gibson Releases the First Secure, Stylish and Covert Way for Women to Transport Hairpieces


LOS ANGELES, CA – January 26, 2014 – ResQ Bag™, the one and only wig and extensions carry-all kit on the market, is answering women’s call for a safe, stylish and discreet way to transport their wigs, extensions and hair accessories. Now available at, ResQ Bag is much more than a fashionable way to carry hairpieces from here to there; this clever carryall also ensures women are fully equipped and prepared to deal with any and every potential wig and/or hair extension emergency.


After battling hair loss as a young television actress, Amy Gibson, The Voice of Hair Loss, now one of the country’s leading Personal Hair Loss Consultants and wig designers, recognized a dire need for a more viable and inconspicuous method for transporting her wig from job-to-job. And with more than 20 million women currently wearing wigs and other hairpieces across the country, Gibson soon found out she was not alone in her search for a solution.


“My acting career had just begun to take off when I started losing my hair due to alopecia,” says Gibson, creator of ResQ Bag™. “Afraid of what co-workers and industry insiders might think, I desperately searched for a way to keep my wig under wraps and found no real options available. So, I of course created one in ResQ Bag™.”


However, ResQ Bag™ is much more than a carrying case; it is the world’s first wig and extensions carry-all kit, complete with 13 different accessories to aid and assist any hairpiece challenge.


“ResQ Bag™ comes complete with bobby pins, sewing kit, pearl t-pins, crystal clips, pre-cut wig tapes, on-the-go scalp hygiene towelettes, a specially formulated 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner and a whole lot more,” says Gibson. “Every accessory is specially selected and designed for wig and extension wearers. I wanted to ensure ladies felt secure and confident in every possible situation, so implementing key accessories in a very organized way was essential to my design.”


ResQ Bag™ is 100% waterproof and has been expertly crafted in all aspects, right down to its particular fabrication which guarantees maximum breathability, so wigs and hair extensions are free of frizz, matting and other issues caused by outside moisture. It also has room for a cell phone and wallet. Whether for a hairstylist on-the-go or a woman seeking a reliable and tactful way to keep her hairpieces in optimum condition, ResQ Bag™ gets the job done.  Available in pink, black and leopard skin print, ResQ Bag™ was made to keep ladies feeling confident and chic, all without a hair out of place.

ResQ Bag_Leopard 2 piece with Petal (1)IMG_2177


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