Perfect Keto

There are endless choices when it comes to protein powders and shakes. You can spend a lot of time and money trying out various products until you find the one. Hey… that can also go for the painful dating process too, except trying product usually doesn’t require a shower, make up, or a dress, unless thats just how you roll when sampling shakes, fancy!

I have already sampled Perfect Keto and I got to say.. I LOVED IT! They have enough flavor choices to suit just about everyone, but not so many that you get the feeling the quality might not be priority over adding endless flavor options. Currently my fave is Peach & Cream!!

If you want to try them out I have a 20% deal for you!

Just use code:  YOURLIGHTERSIDE20

If you have signed up to be a part of our VIP Membership program keep your eyes peeled for the September giveaway of Perfect Keto

We are exactly 4 months out from Christmas, lets turn some heads at the upcoming Holiday Parties this year!!!!

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