Strawberry Cracker and Spread

Strawberry Cracker and Spread

Greetings and sexy eating, honeys! I am in the throes of blog reorganization and have 300ish recipes to relink, so as you can guess, I’m going to be underground for the next few days to bring the magic.
Let me know what you’d like to see on the new site, and know that I more ears than Mike Tyson’s mouth after he chewed on Holyfield. I’ve already changed  the comment font color per request thanks to the hotties who designed this template (I love you, template), and I working to make this the most amazing, useful site in the Universe. You deserve as much; your parole officer told me so.

In  the meantime, if you keep sugar free syrup and flax on hand, give this treat a try. This recipe is gluten free, sugar free and fine for Atkins Induction.

Strawberry Flax Cracker and Spread

The cracker:
2 Tbsp flax seed meal
1 Tbsp water
1 Tbsp Davinci’s sugar free syrup

1. Mix ingredients in small bowl with a fork.
2. Allow to sit for 2 minutes. Contents will thicken.
3. Spread with the fork onto a piece of parchment paper and microwave for 2.5 minutes. Let cool.

The spread:
1 ounce strawberry cream cheese
1 Tsp Davinci’s sugar free syrup

1. In a separate bowl, heat 1 ounce of cream cheese for 20 seconds.
2. Add DaVinci’s syrup and mix.
3. Spread on cracker.

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