The all new VIP community!


In an attempt to revamp Your Lighter Side, there will be a few new things to offer!

The VIP membership is just $5 monthly and you will be on an exclusive email list that offers giveaways and coupons! I will be capping the membership at 100 members to start.

With the holiday season quickly approaching, I will be bombarded by venders to get their products out to my audience. The membership fee will cover shipping to the lucky VIP members that win products each month.

You will have a chance to be featured in our mainstream email blast on your review of the giveaway you received and also a bio and update on your progress.

I want to form a real sense of community featuring the members more so than myself, I am just here to facilitate and motivate!

August 30th is the deadline to join to enjoy VIP membership for September.

Lets grow this site and community together!

VIP MembershipVIP MembershipVIP MembershipVIP Membership


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