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About Your Lighter Side

Make lunch not war. Preferably with bacon.

It’s not about being right; it’s about being right on when it comes to those foods you think you miss most when you change your lifestyle. Think you’ll never again savor a gourmet cheesecake or are sure pizza night will fail to exist forever? That’s where you’d be wrong. Over 400 recipes prove that there’s nothing more delicious than healthy vegetables, fruits, dairy, proteins and just the right fats. Infused with flavor, love and humor, Your Lighter Side delivers laughs with lasagna, bawdiness with bacon, and cheers on the cheese. We don’t take ourselves seriously, but we take food seriously.

And that’s a promise. Cross my spinach.

The Mission

To boldly go where no cauliflower has gone before.

So why food? Why this site? Why? Well it’s simple, to be honest.

We want anyone–everyone who looks at your plate of freshly prepared food–at our plates of amazing, hearty, colorful food– to look at you and at us with a look of disbelief and say, “That’s gluten-free? Sugar-free? Really?” followed by, “And that’s healthy?” and, “You lose weight eating that? You can have that?” And we want you to smile and say YES!

photo (3)But more than that, we want kids and spouses to embrace our lifestyles because they see we’re not doomed to sob over frou frou cuts of lettuce, garbanzo beans and pork chops for perpetuity. And we want them to be so excited about your food they want to plan and prepare those meals with you. We want them to see me enjoy this pizza. You enjoy the lasagna. The cheesecake. The doughnut. The taco bowl. A life without woes and a life full of flavor, color and fun. And we want them to beg you to make the dish for them again.

We want people who have never considered a ketogenic/low glycemic/sugar-free whole foods lifestyle to doubt. We want people to doubt that this way of eating is nothing more than eggs and bacon, carrots, sad slabs of beef, and green, wilting salads. We want people to doubt everything they thought they knew about eating and health based on what we’ve been told to believe. And we want them to taste a slice of sugar-free, gluten free cheesecake and wonder why they’d ever had anything else.

We want people to want to taste our food and experience the joy we savor every meal of every day. And we want them to want that, too. For themselves, for their children and for everyone they love in their lives.

Life is short. Love your food.


Kitchen Ninjas, magicians, pirate princesses and mad scientists.
Foodies: Poised with forks in hand and ready to tear every dish apart, it’s the love of food that drives this site. Food. Delicious, amazing, healthy food. 

Bacon Fans: Able to leap small heaps of ham in a single bound, we know everything tastes better with bacon. Even bacon. Except zombies. Those don’t taste great with much.

Avid Snackers: Who better to trust to your crusts, shimmy to your shakes and party with your pastas than someone who loves food? She’s me, and she’s happy to meet you; bring your fork. There are adventures to be had. And shenanigans.

Social Baconflies: You can find our community of lunchers (and sometimes fighters) on Facebook. Come see what we’re talking about. We also post through, as Betty White once called it, “the Twitter.”

The rest, as they say…

Bacon. Babes. No Face Eating Zombies.

Yourlighterside.com brings innovative, inspiring content to millions of readers and subscribers several times a week. Celebrated since 2007, content from the site has appeared everywhere, from Dr. Oz to Glamour.com to even The Today Show. The top vote-getter for Babble.com’s 2011 Mom Blogger Poll, and a former member of the Dreamfields Dream Team, this healthy cookapaloosa is attracting the attention of media and corporations alike. Still, all of that can take a hike if readers aren’t happy, since the purpose of the site is to create a sustainable whole foods, healthy lifestyle for families across the world.

Your Lighter Side. We’ll see you lighter.


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