You asked, I am answering. (Long, so nap first)

I am was really incredibly surprised, giggly and blushing when I saw that Jimmy Moore gave me immense cred on his blog yesterday (Jamie VanEaton A New Low-Carb Superstar In The Making) (I think he forgot to add...of Oopsies) (*nods knowingly*).I … [Read more...]

Carl’s Jr Low-Carb Breakfast Bowl– I bought. I ate. I blogged.

There is more food in there than there appears to be. At 900 calories and 3 net carbs (5 total, 2 fiber), this is enough food for two meals. Of course, I was hongry and ate the entire thing. *dabbing my mouth daintily with the sleeve of my … [Read more...]

Pastrami Hero Sandwich

If I haven't already sung the praised of spicy chipotle mayonnaise then allow me to utter a few things: Mmm Oh YEAH Woohoo! … [Read more...]

News, News and More News than you can shake a Newsy Stick at

I teased you yesterday and told you I had some exciting news, and sure as spaghetti squash, I have some.News #1: And Then There was Cauliflower...Thanks to your support and help in getting the word out (you guys went to bat for me and I thank you), I … [Read more...]

Help Fix the Food Pyramid!

From Active Low Carber Forums and Richard Feinman, PhD. From Dr Feinman: As you probably know, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) shapes the contents of the food pyramid. They are currently in the process of developing plans for the 2010 … [Read more...]

Exciting News Coming Tomorrow

Exciting might be relative but it explains why I've been curiously lame and slow at responding to comments. I look forward to sharing the news with you in the morning.That and I'm almost, alllmost finished homeschooling (we're working through the … [Read more...]

Pizza in a Cone

That's right. From the amazing recipestress (it's a word; I claim it) who brought you flan that looks like an odd, crappy buttermilk biscuit and doughnuts fabricated completely of cream cheese and eggs, I bring you, Pizza in a cone... one... … [Read more...]

Super Veggie Supreme Pizza

Similar to the Cowboy (pictured above), the Supper Veggie Supreme is loaded with flavor. This is a super easy pizza to make. Simply take your favorite pizza crust base, add your favorite veggies (I've included some of my favorites), and enjoy a … [Read more...]

Product review: Sweetleaf Stevia

I was at Vitamin Cottage today (contrary to popular misconception, it is neither a cottage, nor is made from vitamins) because I wanted to score some righteous natural sweetener. I have been staring at my stevia plants for a few days now and want … [Read more...]

Pizza in a Cup

All class, baby. Pizza in a cup. Have you thought to yourself today, "My Gosh (watch that language, buster!) it's been too long since I've had myself a cup of pizza" ? Unless you're Steve Martin, the answer is probably nnnnoooooo. … [Read more...]

CookingFor Six– Dinner (Platter O Steak )

Some people ask me what we eat as a family. Here you go. We are content to sit around and eat a platter o steak and fresh veggies (I know. We're a little too perfect *twirls my mustache*) . The steaks are perfect, easy to cut and are filling. You … [Read more...]

Eeek! Oh Wait. Nevermind. EEEK! Oh wait. Nevermind.

I don't know if it's me getting old, or the fact that I'm horoscopically blonde (in other words, I'm a doopy doo), but I keep thinking there is a huge bird dive bombing outside of my window. It is only a kite.Still, every two minutes or so I am like … [Read more...]

Foil-Wrapped Skewerless Steak Kebabs

Looking for something quick and delicious on the fly? Camping and not sure what to make for dinner? My husband went to a session in Scout Camping and learned how to make these delicious meals last weekend. At only 15 minutes of cooking time in hot … [Read more...]

No More Aspartame for me!

Have you ever wondered about aspartame? The stuff of Nutri-Sweet, myths and legends online and in frenzied emails, thrust at you with the fervor of someone who is sure the world is ending with the sample packets of Phenalalynine raining from the … [Read more...]

Monday Post Ho-in'

Well, there are some days I just have a lot to say and feel spunky enough to get it all out there for you (I think it's also the lack of brain fog I feel I am dealing with when I drink loads of aspartame).I am finally nearing the end of home … [Read more...]