Vegetable oil overdose

The US is overdosing by a factor of 10 on polyunsaturated food – vegetable oil alone comprises 25-40% of the average American’s daily calories – and these oils overwhelm our metabolism and cause chronic pain, colitis, obesity, fatigue and … [Read more...]

Food on the Brain

Food on the Brain… Top Brain Boosters to Add and Brain Drainers to Drop From Your Shopping List The foods you have in your pantry and fridge may be helping or hindering your brain. Dr. Christopher Calapai DO, a New York City Osteopathic Physician … [Read more...]

It’s so easy being green

It’s so easy being green. In an effort to use up some of the fresh spinach in the fridge, I decided to make a salad pizza crust. They’re even lower in carbs and acceptable in induction than some of the higher carb veggies. This pizza is not as hand … [Read more...]

Blueberry goodness

Better Buttery Blueberry Buckle Recipe Buckle up for this delicious, delectable dessert made with blueberries!One of the things I love about what I do is having the ability to work with some amazing companies and try new products. Dole’s Frozen … [Read more...]


KetoKrate is a low carbers  dream. They do all of the research to find out the latest and greatest products out there for us to try each month, check them out  Click here I received my first box a week ago and I was pleasantly surprised. It just so … [Read more...]

2017 Resolutions

It is time to motivate yourself going into the new year if you are not already. I think we all really want to live a healthy and active lifestyle, but setting some solid goals always seems to help! Here are a few...   Make your resolutions … [Read more...]

Doughnut craving

Low Carb Doughnuts Most of the time, the recipes I put together are things I miss eating that have always been verboten high-carb choices. Give me something delicious that we’re told is off-limits, that might cause someone to either hug Little … [Read more...]

An everyday go to

Low Carb Rice Riced cauliflower is touted as one of the most important finds in the world of low-carb, right after the probable discovery of Dr. Atkins snacking on bacon in the break room and dropping dozens of pounds as though by magic–and … [Read more...]

Sunday Snackers

If you have not tried these yet, give it a go! These are perfect to have prepared for your Sunday snackers :) Something magical happens in my kitchen when you combine cooking attention deficit–oh look! A squirrel! with eggs and cream cheese and … [Read more...]

Nature Made® Adult Gummies

#ad Nature Made® Adult Gummies sponsored this post. Enjoy! If only Prancercising gave me abs of steel. But that I cannot expect. I do know I can expect to get all of the nutrients needed as a mom on the go with my Nature Made® Adult Gummies, and … [Read more...]

Onion Salad

It is not a secret, they give you bad breath, but I LOVE it! Strong flavors that are certain to give you nasty breath hold a special place in my heart. Garlic. Onions. Anchovies. Stinky cheese.. YUM! This dish is yummy and you can keep it totally … [Read more...]

Don’t knock em til you’ve rocked em

BRUSSELS SPROUTS Don't be scary, these are tasty little veggies if you prepare them right. Although, some people truly do dislike them, but that just leaves more for us Brussels lovers <3 Try this simple recipe of you are not sure about them … [Read more...]

Cauliflower Pepperoni Bread Sticks

Hello there! If you are new here, you might want to subscribe by entering your email address in the sidebar for updates. Perfectly pleasing in every way, get your pepperoni on this week.   I love how simple and quick these are to make. … [Read more...]

Five Mindless, Harmful Eating Habits to Avoid in 2016

Once upon a time, the word “diet” was only associated with weight loss. Thank goodness, times are finally changing. In recent years, science and technology have taught us so much about all of the ways that nutrition and specific foods can alter the … [Read more...]

Chocolate Coconut Cake Bites

As you know, the key to enjoying a healthy season starts with striking a balance between enjoying seasonal treats and making smart choices. You have learned from browsing my site along with others, there is not a need to  sacrifice taste when … [Read more...]